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Hong Kong Police Are Using Brutal Tactics Against Protesters: "We Are so Angry"

Police disguised as protesters are making arrests.
Laurel Chor
hong kong protests

China Just Released A Video Threatening Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong Kong. It’s Chilling.

The video is cut like a high-octane action-movie trailer and shows tanks, helicopters, and missile launchers on streets that resemble Hong Kong.
Tim Hume
hong kong protests

Hong Kong Protesters Were Attacked With Fireworks Fired From a Moving Car

Meanwhile, Chinese forces are gathering at the border, in the latest sign that Beijing is stepping up its crackdown on the pro-democracy movement.
Tim Hume

A Guy Named Steve Is the 22nd Democrat Running for President

The fly-fishing red-state governor opened his campaign launch video with a shot of a big hill.
Alex Lubben

Watch a Young Bernie Sanders Talk to Punks About How Society Is 'Baloney'

"To heck with law and order!"
River Donaghey

Beto O’Rourke just became the third 2020 Dem who wants to kill the Electoral College

Beto O'Rourke joins Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg in calling for the end of the body.
Rex Santus
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Macron tried to solve the French crisis through debates. Yellow Vests say it didn't work.

Macron’s response to the Yellow Vests: 10,000 debates across France.
Juliette Maigné
Hind Hassan
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Complex Systems Theorists Explain Why Democracy Is Dying

A team of mathematicians, physicists, philosophers and psychologists argue that the decline of democracies is poorly understood, but concepts from complex systems theory may offer a solution.
Daniel Oberhaus

Here’s Why All the Voting Machines Are Broken and the Lines Are Extremely Long

Voting machines are breaking down across the country and America’s voting technology is in desperate need of a complete overhaul.
Jason Koebler
Matthew Gault
Why I Didn't Vote

I'm Not Allowed to Vote Because Florida Thinks I'm a Bad Person

I won’t say who I voted for in 2016, but it definitely wasn’t the guy who is in the White House now—that's for sure.
Brett Ramsden
Why I Didn't Vote

I Got Purged from the Voter Rolls While Fighting in the Middle East

I cried when I found out.
Joe Helle
Views My Own

The Bailouts for the Rich Are Why America Is So Screwed Right Now

Did they prevent a full-scale collapse? Yes. Was it necessary to do it the way we did? Not at all.
Matt Stoller