Now You Can Download 2,500 Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress’s expansive digitization efforts makes more art available to a larger public.


What’s Digitization Doing to Health Care?

New software is industrializing medicine by turning doctors into data entry clerks—and making them suicidally depressed in the process.


The Man Who Spent 30 Years in the Rainforest Preserving the Music of the Bayaka

Louis Sarno went to record the music of the Central African Republic's Bayaka community in the 80s and never turned back.


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Zoosphere aims to digitize fragile museum specimens and make them available to entomologists across the world.


The Curator Who Archives the Images of Dreams

In an unassuming Manhattan building, a curator archives the so-called archetypal images of dreams.


This Project Is Digitizing Wax Cylinders So You Can Listen Like It's 1880

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The City That Has Its Own Operating System

In the first episode of the UK Motherboard Show, we visit Bristol’s smart city project and talk hyperconnected futures.


70 Years On: Researchers Archive the Longest-Running Study of A-Bomb Survivors

In his 20s, US geneticist William Jack Schull joined a study to examine the effects of radiation on atomic bomb survivors. Now 93, he wants to share his experiences with the world.


These 100-Year-Old Photos Are Being Reunited With the Communities They Depict

In the early 1900s, anthropologists amassed 26,000 photographs of the indigenous Evenki and Orochen people from Inner Mongolia and Siberia. Now they're being digitized.


​How to Download a Genocide

Rediscovering my Armenian-ness and a lost heritage with the technologies of remembrance.


Saving Human Knowledge at 800 Pages an Hour

Inside the Internet Archive's book scanning centre.


The Warhol Film Collection Is Going Digital

Starting in August, The Warhol, The Museum of Modern Art, and VFX studio MPC are collaborating to convert roughly 500 of the artist's films into high resolution images.