The First Vaccine for Malaria Has Arrived

It's momentous, but there are caveats.


Hundreds of college students and faculty in LA are under quarantine to stop measles outbreak

A sick student at UCLA exposed nearly 500 people to the disease.


This county banned unvaccinated kids from public spaces

Joe Hendrick is now homeschooling his sons while juggling his job and a two-week-old newborn child.


Skrillex’s Music Can be Used as Mosquito Repellent, Study Finds

Researchers observed mosquitoes sucked less blood and had less sex when exposed to the song 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.'


Senator in epicenter of U.S. measles outbreak thinks the vaccine isn't safe. (She's wrong.)

State Sen. Lynda Wilson also suggested requiring visitors to the U.S. be vaccinated against measles.


Why the DRC's latest Ebola outbreak is more worrisome than the last

Doctors were better prepared for this outbreak, but it's already become Africa's second-deadliest ever, partly because it's happening in a war zone.


Scientists Dressed Horses Like Zebras to Figure Out Why They Have Stripes

The experiment aimed to resolve the longstanding debate over the evolutionary purpose of zebra stripes.


Millions of Americans Have a Parasite and Don't Realize It

Very few people have even heard of Chagas disease, cysticercosis, toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis, or trichomoniasis.


3 big takeaways from the government's bleak climate report

Frequent destructive weather events, deteriorating health, and a stunted economy.


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