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A Few Hard and Fast Rules to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business

Keep it simple. And ordinary.
Scott Gerber
The VICE Guide to Life

How to Network Without Feeling Like a Slime Ball

Hard as it may be to believe, it's possible!
Scott Gerber

Entrepreneurs Told Us What They Learned from Their Worst Mistakes

They're all but inevitable.
Caroline Thompson
The VICE Guide to Life

All the Boring Legal Stuff You Should Know Before Opening Your Own Business

Don't let your awesome business idea go bust due to mistakes complying with regulations.
Christy Rakoczy
The VICE Guide to Life

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Business with Friends

It will change your relationship forever.
Alex Norcia
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When Moving to a Small Town Makes Sense

Before you buy a home in a small town, make sure you're up for the longer commute to the city and the slower pace of country life.
FREE Staff
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Meet the Woman Amplifying Black Voices in Tech

Sherrell Dorsey launched The PLUG, a platform for new ideas and voices in the tech industry, in 2016.
VICE Staff

WeWork Gave Over $1 Million to New York City Entrepreneurs for Social Good

The Creator Awards, which toured six cities before wrapping in New York in November, offers members and non-members the chance to compete for social impact project funding.
Cayte Bosler
refugee ban

Middle Eastern immigrants are some of America's top entrepreneurs

Matt Phillips

You Should Be Able to Immigrate to America If You Have a Really Good Idea for a Startup

A new policy could give immigrants leeway to stay in America if they're working on a successful startup company.
Ted Hesson

‘Joy’ Is a Reminder that You Can Be an Entrepreneur without Being a Dick

David O. Russell's new film shows us that women can innovate without the egomania or excessive bro-courage that typifies the Zuckerbergs of the world.
Jennifer Schaffer
asia & pacific

Chinese Resettlement Abroad Is Starting to Freak Some People Out

Chinese entrepreneurs and peasants in search of a better life are migrating to Laos, Russia, and other neighboring nations, producing an influx that threatens to dominate local economies and unsettle the natives.
John Dyer