child marriage

The Teenager Fighting Against Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Though her mother threatened to kill herself if she didn't marry at 13, Meghla managed to get out of it. Now, she helps to prevent other child marriages from happening.
Tim Geyer

This MMA Gym Trains Activists to Defend Themselves Against Fascists

VICE traveled to the UK's Left Hook gym to see how an anti-fascist self-defense club operates.
VICE Staff
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

White House denies (again) plan to fire Mueller, another explosion in Austin injures two, UK and EU strike a deal on Brexit transition, and more.
VICE Staff
refugee crisis

Child Refugees Are Being Abused By European Border Officials

A report by Doctors Without Borders details the mistreatment of refugees along the Balkan Route.
Kostas Koukoumakas

Hailey Gates Learns How to Be a Camgirl on 'STATES OF UNDRESS'

On the season two finale, Hailey meets up with webcam models in Romania and explores the larger fashion scene in the formerly communist country.
VICE Staff
We’re fucked

We Are Living in the Age of 'Cautious Optimism'

It's the perfect non-committal response for deeply uncertain times.
Angus Harrison
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Greece's Anarchists Are Taking Better Care of Refugees Than the Government

Greece has been at the crossroads of irregular immigration for more than a decade, especially since the influx of refugees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the early 2000s.
Molly Crabapple

A Second Brexit Referendum Doesn't Seem Likely

The confusing sovereignty paradox behind the UK's Article 50 ruling.
Gavin Haynes
Brexit Means...

Theresa May's Fantasy Brexit 'Plan' Brings the Nightmare Closer to Reality

The UK's prime minster spelled out what she wants, but it's not what will happen.
Yohann Koshy

WATCH: 'Undercover Migrant', Our Documentary Tracing the Footsteps of Newcomers to the UK

Journalist and author Ben Judah goes undercover to walk in the footsteps of EU migrants, unearthing the conditions newcomers are up against in Brexit Britain.
VICE Staff

How Trump's Election Will Make British Politics Worse

The British far-right have helped a creature of their own take the most powerful job in the world; how will Trump's triumph impact the UK's quickening slide into dystopia?
Sam Kriss

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Jury acquits leaders of Oregon standoff, 141 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protest, Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering Joe Biden for Secretary of State, and more.
VICE Staff