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Machine Learning Identifies Weapons in the Christchurch Attack Video. We Know, We Tried It

It took 29 minutes for a Facebook user to first report the livestream of the Christchurch terrorist. Now a machine learning system spots weapons in the stream with an over 90 percent confidence rating.
Joseph Cox
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This College Student Stopped a Man's Deportation on Facebook Live

The 21-year-old refused to take her seat on a Turkey-bound flight until the asylum seeker was escorted off of the plane.
Lauren Messman
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Green Day Are Performing a Hurricane Harvey Benefit On Facebook Live Today

Tune in (and rock out!!) from 4pm EST.
Lauren O'Neill
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A Drunk Guy Livestreamed His Police Chase on a Florida Beach

Ryan Stiles broadcast the chase from his jeep as he took swigs from a bottle of whisky and plowed through beach chairs, swearing at the cops trailing him.
Drew Schwartz
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This Video of People Dancing in the Street to Vengaboys is Full of Hope

Maybe Eurodance will save us all.
Alexander Iadarola
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Facebook Live Is the Only Honorable Place to Turn an iPhone Into a Fidget Spinner

Video editing is for gloryboys.
Jason Koebler
Worst Jobs

There's No Safe Way to Keep Child Porn and Murder Off Facebook

Facebook is hiring 3,000 more people to do what experts say is one of the most psychologically traumatizing jobs in tech.
Jason Koebler

Tune-In for VICE Impact’s Live Stream From the People's Climate March on Washington

On Trump’s 100th day in office, people from around the world are gathered in D.C. for the largest climate mobilization in U.S. history.
Impact Staff
Weed Week

On 4/20, We're Making the Insane Foods People Thought of While High

Join us on Facebook Live tomorrow at 4PM EST to watch stoners' dreams come true.
Gabby Bess

40 People Watched a Teen's Gang Rape on Facebook, and No One Called the Police

Police believe that upwards of 40 people viewed a recent live stream of a gang rape of a 15-year-old girl in Chicago. We talked to one researcher about why people can be hesitant to intervene when sexual assault happens.
Kimberly Lawson
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What's in The Stars This April? Join Us on Facebook Live on Friday to Find Out

Prepare for Mercury retrograde with advice from our staff astrologer.
Broadly Staff
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Adventurous Shoppers Decided to Ride Horses Through a Texas Walmart

And one of them caught the whole thing on camera.
Drew Schwartz