maritime disaster

34 Missing and Feared Dead After Scuba Diving Boat Catches Fire off California Coast

The 75-foot boat caught fire in the early morning hours while divers were sleeping below deck.
David Gilbert

The Site of One of the Largest US Oil Refineries Is on Fire

A petrochemical facility at ExxonMobil's Baytown, Texas complex burst into flames on Wednesday.
Sarah Emerson

The Philly Police Department May Actually Fire Some Racist Cops​

If the department proceeds with that plan, it will be the most concrete step taken to date to punish those officers.
Morgan Baskin
food news

The Tempura Flakes on Sushi Rolls Are Spontaneously Combusting and Starting Fires

Two sushi restaurants in Wisconsin have caught on fire since April, and investigators believe that both incidents were caused by tempura 'crunch.'
Jelisa Castrodale
Breaking News

The Everglades Is on Fire

A massive wildfire has consumed more than 17,000 acres of the Everglades in less than 24 hours.
Alex Lubben
climate change

Philadelphia's Oil Refinery Explosion Is America’s Third Major Dirty Fuel Facility Fire in 6 Months

The “largest refining complex on the Eastern seaboard” exploded this morning at 4 a.m. A New York Con Ed facility and a Texas petrochemical facility have also experienced major fires in the past six months.
Caroline Haskins
Suspected arson

Molotov Cocktails Found Outside a Synagogue Have Put Chicago Police on High Alert

Chicago Deputy Superintendent ordered “special attention at all Jewish schools, synagogues and businesses."
Tess Owen

3 Fires at Jewish Centers in Massachusetts Were “Intentionally Set”

Two were at a rabbi's house — and one at a nearby Jewish center.
Tess Owen
Mosque attack

The FBI Is Investigating a New Haven Mosque Fire Set During Ramadan

Police said earlier this week that the fire was intentional.
Tess Owen
Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fire Caused Lead Levels in the Area to Skyrocket

Officials have stressed, however, that lead poisoning is typically something that happens over long periods of exposure.
Tim Marcin

It Looks Like a Tesla Model S Just Exploded in a Chinese Parking Garage

A CCTV video has captured what appears to be a Tesla Model S self-combusting in a Shanghai parking lot.
Sarah Emerson

Man arrested after bringing 4 gallons of gasoline into New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral

"It's hard to say what his intentions were," police said.
Emma Ockerman