Man Who Got So Drunk He Grounded Plane Ordered to Pay for Fuel

The 44-year-old British man has to pay WestJet nearly $22,000.
Mack Lamoureux
government shutdown

"We cannot even calculate the level of risk" during the shutdown, airline workers say

Air traffic controllers, flight attendants, and pilots are saying that critical resources and security measures are strained.
Emma Ockerman
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Flight Attendants Questioned a Black Doctor for Helping a Sick Passenger

Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford claims they asked for her credentials twice, then grilled her on whether she was "actually an MD."
Arimeta Diop
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Drunk Baggage Handler Passes Out Inside Plane and Wakes Up 500 Miles from Home

River Donaghey
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Man Accused of Groping Woman on Flight Said Trump 'Says It's OK'

So much for Trump's 'Access Hollywood' tape being a harmless bit of "locker room banter."
Drew Schwartz
Luxury Rules

How to Travel Like Your Private Jet Is in the Shop

Air travel can be an exercise in indignity. Here are some strategies for making your flights a little more glamorous, no matter what.
Dodai Stewart
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Entire Plane Evacuated Because of This Woman's Emotional Support Squirrel

She wound up screaming "shut up, bitch!" at a passenger and giving everyone the finger on her way off the plane.
Drew Schwartz
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Boston Flight Diverted Because Drunk Bro Wouldn't Stop Doing Pull-Ups

Turns out the middle of a flight is a bad time to get those gains.
Drew Schwartz
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Drunk Guy Tries to Bust into a Cockpit Saying He 'Needs' to Charge His Phone

C'mon man, take a nap or something.
Drew Schwartz

Passengers Bled from Their Ears After Pilots 'Forgot' to Pressurize Plane

They had one job...
Drew Schwartz
Video Games

Realistic 'Flight Simulator' Puts Players in Economy Class and It Kind of Rules

In the upcoming PC game 'Flight Simulator,' the only objective is to enjoy your flight.
Chris Kindred
Five Questions

Five Questions About the Lads Who Racked Up Lines on Their Flight

Is it real? Probably not. Is it very odd? Definitely yes.
Joel Golby