Game Design


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'Scramble for Africa' was cancelled amid apologies from a publisher and a broader debate about ethical gaming in the tabletop space.


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Why the stealth-to-combat transition remains one of the toughest in games.


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The freighted inspirations for a wounded soldier animation, and how they became trivialized in DICE's latest military shooter.


Bernie De Koven, Influential Game Designer and Scholar of Fun, Dies at 76

The author of 'The Well-Played Game' reminded us that rules should come secondary to people.


Monster Hunter Had to Kick My Ass to Teach Me Why It Was So Great

"Dragons ain't got shit on me." -Me, 15 minutes before being wrecked by Nergigante, the elder dragon.


Learning the Level Design Secrets of 'BioShock'

The game was originally going to have more resources, fuses, and interactive flooding.


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The 'Reverse Design' gets beyond design platitudes with close interrogations of classic games' inner workings.


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Through immersive world-building, 'Sansar' wants to make VR social.


Six Ways Games Can Teach Resistance

Games don't ask players to break their rules. Games teach players a system.


In the Company of Heroes: An Interview with ‘Overwatch’ Designer Jeff Kaplan

We discuss new characters, the importance of the meta, and the social responsibilities of game developers in the 21st century.


Distract Yourself in Virtual Reality with a Meta Virtual Reality Game About Virtual Reality

Set in a future where humans work for artificial intelligence as artisans, the new VR game from Tender Claws is both a love letter and a parody of contemporary virtual reality culture.