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‘Valfaris’ Is the Badass Baby of Iron Maiden and Contra. It Rules.

There are some beautiful, grotesque pixels in this game, and it's backed up by an equally fun ride.


How I Learned About My Terrible Internet Data Cap, Thanks to Video Games

It turns out downloading 100GB video games will quickly have Comcast knocking, not-so-politely asking for more money.


My First 24 Hours With 'Destiny 2: Shadowkeep' Largely Involved Not Playing

Broken servers and long waits plagued Shadowkeep's launch. The opening hours made up for it.


One of Apple Arcade's Biggest Games is a Square Enix RPG That's Real Bad

'Various Daylife' is a different value proposition for Apple Arcade: feeling blessed you didn't waste money buying it.


'What the Golf' Is WarioWare With Frickin' Golf Clubs

It may technically be a "golf game," but 'What the Golf' does not care what you think it is. 'What the Golf' does what it wants, and it's one of this year's funniest games.


Apple Arcade Promises Games Anywhere and on Any Device. It (Mostly) Works.

It's not a seamless transition from an iPhone to an Apple TV, or from a touch-based interface to a controller. And cloud saves are a problem.


'Mario Kart Tour' Is Free, Which Means It Costs More Than Ever

What it's like to play ‘Mario Kart Tour,’ a gacha game with a simplistic kart racer attached.


It’s Hard to Use Apple Arcade Without Wondering How Developers Will Be Paid

If “engagement” and “time spent” are the metrics of success, won’t that just lead people to make games that encourage it?


'Grindstone' Is a Perfect Puzzler to Showcase Apple Arcade's Promise

In another world, 'Grindstone' is a cool idea undercut by frustrating and intrusive microtransactions. Here, you're allowed to focus on the game. What a concept!


The Most Terrifying Thing About the 'Blair Witch' Game? It Hurts Your Dog

The Dog companion in the new Blair Witch game is both its best—and most heart-wrenching—feature.


The Comic Absurdity of 'Final Fantasy VIII' Is Partly Why It's So Special

Doomtrains. Space! Mechanized spiders. 'Final Fantasy VIII' truly has it all and then some.


One Reason I've Always Loved 'Final Fantasy VIII' Is Because People Hate It

The game's re-release gave me an opportunity to more closely examine why I've spent most of my life stanning 'Final Fantasy VIII.'