'Garbagino,' Today's Comic by John McNamee

A rat and some of its friends make a kid out of garbage to help out an adorable old couple.
John McNamee

Indonesian Islands Are Drowning in Trash

A government clean up operation launched this week near the Indonesian capital has removed more than 40 tons of trash each day.
Daniel Oberhaus
Invisible Jobs

What It’s Actually Like to Work as a Garbage Man

Trash collectors have the fifth most dangerous job in America—but they also enjoy some surprising perks.
Rick Paulas
Holy Shit

Shirley Manson Walks Us Through Her First-Ever Performance with Fiona Apple

Plus, check out the exclusive full video and behind the scenes photos of Manson and Apple performing the glorious fuck-you that is "You Don't Own Me."
Eve Barlow
the vice interview

Shirley Manson Doesn't Give a Shit About Being Popular

A chat with the Garbage singer about turning 50, changing her worldview, and the highlight of her career.
Hannah Ewens
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Wow, This Is a Big Pig

All hail the Boar King.
Drew Schwartz

Dick Pics on Display: The Woman Behind the Controversial Art Show

Curator Whitney Bell says the exhibit of unsolicited dick pics exposes a culture of sexism, but some have classified her work as revenge porn.
Mitchell Sunderland
plastic planet

Earth Is Choking on 8.3 Billion Metric Tons of Plastic Waste

For the first time, scientists have calculated how much plastic we've produced, and its fate. It isn't pretty.
Bryson Masse
taking out the trash

Hong Kong Has Nearly Run Out of Space for Its Garbage

What happens then?
Justin Heifetz​​

Some “Fucking Moronic Questions” for Shirley Manson on Garbage’s New Book

The iconic frontwoman talks about taking on the music industry, why the band never wore flannel, and that one time she pissed through a photo shoot.
Dan Ozzi
let them eat trash

Garbage Contains All of the Nutrients Missing from Our Diet

A new study analyzes the nutrition value of food waste and it’s got everything our diet is lacking.
Kaleigh Rogers
Power VR

Kitty Litter, Ocean Burial, Shooting It at the Sun: The Worst Ways to Stash Nuclear Waste

Humanity has come up with some unbelievably bad storage solutions for radioactive waste over the years.
Daniel Oberhaus