Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns to Plant on People They Shot, Trial Reveals

One officer involved in the city's massive corruption scandal said officers kept the replicas "in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout, so we could plant them."


The Vice News Guide to the World - August

The deadly airstrike marks the latest civilian casualties in Yemen’s spiraling civil war, which has claimed over 10,000 lives and sparked an epidemic of cholera that is killing one person every hour, according to the International Committee of the Red...


Quick Hit: Federal Corruption Inquiry Triggers Protests in Brazil

Brazilian police disperse scuffles between rival protesters demonstrating over the questioning of former President Lula on corruption allegations.


Former Nigerian Official Accused of Stealing $2 Billion from Anti-Boko Haram Funds

The country's former national security adviser has become President Muhammadu Buhari's latest target in his battle against political corruption, which he claims has diverted $150 billion away from the government.


Guatemalan President Resigns in Wake of Massive Corruption Scandal

Perez Molina's resignation is the culmination of a year-long investigation into a major tax fraud operation that is estimated to have stolen $120 million from the country.


Protesters Whip Effigy of Guatemalan President and Call for Him to Resign Amid Corruption Scandals

Thousands of outraged Guatemalans took to the streets of the country’s capital on Saturday to call for President Otto Perez Molina to step down.


China's Former Spy Chief Zhou Yongkang Charged With Corruption

Hundreds of thousands of Communist Party members have been arrested or punished since President Xi Jinping launched a massive anti-graft campaign two years ago.


One of the Most Powerful Politicians in New York Just Got Arrested for Corruption

On Thursday, Sheldon Silver, who has been state assembly speaker for two decades, turned himself in to the FBI.


MUNCHIES Guide to the North of England - Episode 3

Ben's gastronomic tour of the North takes him to Yorkshire, where he embraces the meaning of "graft," learns the importance of a chip butty, and finds out how to make a pork pie.


GlaxoSmithKline Sex Tape Pulls Back the Covers on Chinese Corruption

China accused the drug company of spending as much as $480 million and arranging sexual favors from prostitutes to bribe Chinese doctors.