Weather Channel Defends Dramatic Hurricane Reporter, Blames the Grass

Savage, dangerous, sopping wet grass.


You Don't Have to Waste Water to Have a Totally Badass Summer Garden

It doesn't take too many gallons of water to have the most braggable green-space on the block.


What Your Word for Weed Says About You

It tells you a lot more than you'd think.


Kimmel Congratulates Migos on Smelling the Most Dank

“Willie Nelson has been here, Snoop Dogg has been here. You smoked them all out.”


Green-Thumbed Artists Make Museum-Worthy Grassterpieces

Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey's living portraits are basically high-art Chia Pets.


Scientists Are Developing Grass That Stop Cows from Burping

Researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark are inventing a grass that is easier for cows to digest, meaning less methane is released into the environment.


I'm in an Open Relationship with My Compost

There were two weeks where I didn’t turn her because I was pissed off at her. I turned her last week. You can’t believe how much it stresses me out if I don’t turn her. I seriously think about her every day.


My Quest to Find the Holy Grail of Cheeses Wasn't Easy

Being violently hungover is a difficult way to start a road trip, but I set out on an adventure through the the Pyrenees to find some of the greatest cheeses in the world.


An Ex-MI5 Agent Says the UK's Secret Service Considered 'Blacking Up' to Infiltrate Mosques

The best of the best are smearing themselves in facepaint for a training exercise.


Congrats to the Mars Volta Man on Smoking $1,000 Worth of Weed Per Week

That seems somewhat higher than average!


Will Growing Support for Medicinal Weed Help End New Zealand’s War on Grass?

Forty-seven percent of New Zealanders believe cannabis should be legalized for medical use—a 10 percent bump from the same survey conducted more than a decade ago.


Pennywort Is Pho's Sludgy, Slimy Sidekick

While kale is the nutritious leafy green that's getting all the attention lately, pennywort leaves have been the go-to home-remedy in Vietnamese cuisine for centuries.