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The Anti-HIV Drug PrEP May Be Getting Unfairly Blamed for STDs

The data shows that the opposite could be true.
VICE Staff
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These Porn Actors Are Working to Destigmatize HIV

With services under threat and effective sex ed still a myth, HIV positive performers are using their platforms to educate and advocate.
Jake Hall

Here Comes the Legal Case for Medicinal Psychedelics

Therapist Bruce Tobin is striving to give end-of-life cancer patients magic mushrooms in a clinical setting.
Sarah Berman

The Heartbreaking Instagram Where People Remember Loved Ones Who Died of AIDS

"Looking at the photos, I felt like the whole world was falling down around me. I had an overwhelming feeling of loss and devastation, and had to go to the bathroom so that no one would see me crying."
Jeff Leavell

The Latinx Drag Queens Spearheading HIV Activism on the Border

We went to a Texas border town battling a major HIV epidemic to meet the activists working to educate people about the virus.
VICE Staff
Privacy and Perception Issue

As a Trans Woman, Our Obsession With Labels Feels Limiting—Not Liberating

I’m trans, HIV positive, and I don’t seek to fit into a single gender binary. But my simple desire to land a date on a dating app is often lost in the terms I'm expected to use.
Juno Roche
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We Talked to the Queens from 'RuPaul's Drag Race' About Safe Sex

Tackling everything from using condoms to PrEP.
VICE Staff

Artists Are Using Theater to Raise Awareness About India's HIV Crisis

A recent performance in Delhi aims to start a dialogue about the disease.
Parthshri Arora

HIV Probably Won't Kill You, but Smoking Will

HIV-positive people smoke at more than twice the rate of the general population. Doctors say smoking now presents a greater risk to them than HIV itself.
Benjamin Adams

Why Are So Many Americans Still Dying from HIV?

The numbers are still embarrassingly high, and reasons why are complicated.
Mike Miksche

Marijuana Could Be Huge for Treating HIV

From inflammation to lowering levels of the virus itself, a current study hopes to demystify pot's benefits for those living with HIV.
Steven Blum
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Trump's Death Penalty Tweet, the GOP Tax Plan, and Living with HIV

On this episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' we talk about the president's response to the NYC terror attack and how it could pose issues with the suspect's trial.
VICE Staff