Insurance Will Soon Cover HIV Prevention, But Many People Who Need it Still Won't Have Access

When Corey Walsh began using the drug Truvada, the pills were free but the quarterly lab tests and doctors' visits cost almost $400.
Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News
fetal tissue research

Trump Just Ended Fetal Tissue Research to Please the Anti-abortion Crowd

Often used to produce mice that can model the human immune system, fetal tissue has been part of disease research and vaccine development for decades.
Emma Ockerman
data breach

American Who Leaked HIV Status of Thousands in Singapore Found Guilty

A scandal that rocked Asia ends in a Kentucky courtroom.
Maria Gabriella Pezzo

Trans Woman Diagnosed With HIV Died Days After ICE Released Her

She had been in custody since April 11
Emma Ockerman
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

What This HIV Activist Learned from STI-Testing in Gay Bathhouses

Hint: Harm reduction works.
VICE Staff

What I Learned from Testing Men for HIV at Gay Bathhouses

I brought the clinic to people in my community who—for a number of reasons—might not otherwise set foot in one.
George M. Johnson
data breach

This Kentucky man has a stolen database of HIV-positive people in Singapore. He's not afraid to use it.

The American man accused of leaking Singapore's HIV registry wants you to listen to him.
Carter Sherman
Maria Gabriella Pezzo

How Dr. Ruth Brought Radical Sexual Politics Out of the Shadows

Director Ryan White talks to Broadly about his new documentary on Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the legendary educator who took sex out of the bedroom and onto the dinner table.
Joi Childs
state of the union

Trump pledged to “defeat AIDS" in his SOTU. He's tried to cut millions from programs that fight it.

Trump pitched HIV prevention funding to Congress — the same body that has rejected his proposed cuts to programs.
Emma Ockerman
state of the union

Trump's State of the Union was supposed to be all about "unity." Here are 11 times that didn't happen.

Trump talked up his decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, spouted falsehoods about immigration, and called for a late-term abortion ban.
Rex Santus

This Artist Is Making Work Out of the Literal Blood of LGBTQ People

Jordan Eagles is protesting the FDA's discriminatory blood donation policies.
Claire Voon

Danai Gurira Says We Need to 'Re-Engage' the HIV Epidemic in Africa

"Black Panther" star Danai Gurira recently accepted her title as a UN Global Ambassador and spoke about her passion for HIV prevention and education.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark