Far-Right Extremism

We Analyzed More Than 1 Million Comments on 4chan. Hate Speech There Has Spiked by 40% Since 2015.

Violent threats against minorities have also proliferated on the anonymous message board.
Rob Arthur

Mayor Pete Faces a Familiar and “Vicious” Enemy in South Carolina: Homophobia

Black pastors say Buttigieg will struggle in churches that define marriage as between a man and a woman.
Daniel Newhauser

Cracker Barrel Banned a Cop Who Called for Killing LGBTQ People

Grayson Fritts' All Scripture Baptist Church promoted an event at a Tennessee restaurant, but Cracker Barrel told them they weren't welcome.
Jelisa Castrodale
food news

Iconic LA Deli Facing Backlash After Allegedly Asking Two Women Not to Kiss

“He... told us that he ‘can't have this in his restaurant because some of the customers don’t understand,’” the woman's Instagram post read.
Jelisa Castrodale

Not Even YouTube Knows What It's Doing About Steven Crowder

YouTube has caved to enormous pressure to punish a popular right-wing video creator for his racist and homophobic bullying of a journalist — sort of.
David Uberti
Tech news

YouTube Is Finally Banning Nazis, Holocaust Denial, and Sandy Hook Truthers

YouTube says it will “remove content denying that well-documented violent events took place.”
Mack Lamoureux
VICE News Tonight on HBO

How the Death of Muhlaysia Booker Is Changing Dallas' Black LGBT Community

Dallas has a vibrant LGBT community, but black trans women still face violence.
Quinton Boudwin
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Gay Teens Say Gyro Restaurant Worker Told Them 'Their Kind' Was Not Welcome

“He followed up his remarks by saying if it was a guy and a girl hugging that would be OK, but not two guys—you can’t have any of that here."
Jelisa Castrodale

Chris Rush Lived Through the Fire to Share the Flame

Starts taking LSD at age 12. Roams the country working for Christian drug smugglers. Survives violent attacks over his sexuality. Luke Goebel speaks to the man who has seemingly lived through it all and has finally, unbelievably, put it on paper.
Luke Goebel

We Talked to Muslims in the LGBTQ Community About Standing Up for Queer Youth

"Queer Muslim voices in this debate are the most important. We can’t continue to have conversations about marginalized groups without them leading those conversations."
Salma Haidrani

Brunei’s New Anti-LGBTQ Law Endorses Stoning and Whipping

The law is set to take effect next week.
Mustika Hapsoro
Edoardo Liotta

Why I Decided to Start Kink Shaming Myself

I've invited abuse into my sex life for too long.
James Greig