Infowars Returns to YouTube After CEO Said It Will Allow ‘Offensive’ Content [Updated]

"A commitment to openness is not easy. It sometimes means leaving up content that is outside the mainstream, controversial, or even offensive," YouTube's CEO said.
Matthew Gault

Alex Jones’s Pepe the Frog Copyright Trial Will Help Decide Who Can Use Memes

Are memes fair use? Or can you be sued for sharing and profiting off them?
Matthew Gault
Pepe the Frog

Read the Best Parts of Alex Jones's 159-Page Deposition About Pepe the Frog

Jones is getting sued for allegedly violating the copyright of Pepe the Frog's creator by selling Pepe posters on Infowars.
Matthew Gault
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Florida Man Destroying Roger Stone on Infowars Is So Satisfying

"You guys are snowflakes, and you’re going to go down in prison. You’re facing 40-plus years, Stone. It's coming down on you."
Allie Conti
I Tried

I Tried to Become One of Alex Jones's InfoWarriors

VICE’s Will Tilghman spent a week getting all of his “news” from InfoWars and surviving solely on the food and supplements the site peddles.
Drew Schwartz
Alex Jones

Alex Jones’ InfoWars lasted two days on streaming service Roku

"We heard from concerned parties and have determined that the channel should be removed from our platform."
David Gilbert

Wikipedia Bans Right Wing Site Breitbart as a Source for Facts

Alex Jones' InfoWars and the far-right media outlet Breitbart—as well as progressive website Occupy Democrats—a can’t be used as a source of fact in Wikipedia articles anymore, “due to its unreliability.”
Samantha Cole
Alex Jones

Alex Jones and Infowars just got kicked off Twitter for good

Twitter said in a tweet that @infowars and @realalexjones had too long violated its “abusive behavior policy.” ​
Emma Ockerman
the senate

Sen. Marco Rubio just threatened to “take care” of Alex Jones to his face

“You’re not going to get arrested, man; I’ll take care of you myself,” Rubio said.
Rex Santus
data hoarding

This Data Hoarder Is Downloading the Metadata of Roughly 10 Billion YouTube Videos

Reddit’s data hoarding community is all too familiar with massive archival projects, but collecting all of YouTube’s metadata presents some unique challenges.
Daniel Oberhaus

The FCC Shut Down a Pirate Radio Station Broadcasting Alex Jones

Regulators in Texas have put a stop to a pirate radio station operating out of a crumbling apartment complex.
Matthew Gault
Alex Jones

Alex Jones responds to his Twitter ban by posting a 13-minute video to Twitter

“I guess Dorsey is toying with us, or his people are.”
David Gilbert