Italian Far-Right Strongman Matteo Salvini’s Bid to Be Prime Minister Has Backfired Spectacularly

Instead of the new elections he wanted, the populist strongman has found himself dumped out of government and facing plummeting poll ratings.


It Sure Looks Like Italy’s Far-Right Ruling Party Tried to Take a Cash Infusion From Russia

Italian prosecutors are investigating after audio was released of a meeting between Russian officials and an aide to the Italian deputy PM.


Italy’s Hard-line Anti-Migrant Interior Minister Is Going Postal Over a Rescue Boat

The 31-year-old captain hit a police boat as she defied the law and brought migrants ashore


The U.N. Says Europe’s Refugee Policies Just Led to the Deaths of 40 Migrants in Libya

Footage of the aftermath showed body parts and migrants’ belongings strewn among the rubble.


This Rescue Ship Is Docking in Italy, Regardless of What Salvini Says

“This is not a game, we’re not playing. We need to get these people off this ship”


He Saved Thousands of Lives in the Mediterranean. That Could Land Him in Jail for 20 Years.

Italy is waging a relentless campaign to stop the charity-run ships that are rescuing migrants.


Italy's Far-Right Interior Minister Wants to Send a Boat Full of Migrants Back to a War Zone

Matteo Salvini, an anti-immigration hardliner, vowed that their rescue ship would not be allowed to dock in his country’s ports.


Stuffed Mussels (Cozze Ripiene) Recipe

These mussels are stuffed with fresh breadcrumbs and tuna, then baked with tomatoes in their shells.


Restaurant Refuses to Grate Cheese for Customer's Seafood Dish, Calls it an 'Obscene Request'

Don't order cheese on your crab pasta unless you want an Italian chef to tell you to “try Parmesan on cow dung."


Tuna alla Bolognese Recipe

Not your typical bolognese.


Hacking Team’s New Owner: ‘We’re Starting From Scratch’

The head of Memento Labs, the new company that acquired infamous spyware vendor Hacking Team, admitted there’s a lot to do to recover after the 2015 breach and the damage to its reputation. But he believes it can compete against market leaders NSO Group.