John Kennedy


Congress is enraged at Facebook: “These guys are out of control”

“A CEO, under my bill, not only would they face significant economic penalties, but they could serve jail time," said Sen. Ron Wyden.


Facebook waited 16 days to tell people their private posts were actually public

While Congress refuses to act on a bill that would require companies to disclose breaches within 72 hours.


Watch a U.S. senator tell Mark Zuckerberg his “user agreement sucks”

Zuckerberg sat before the legislators for hours Tuesday.


Senator Introduces Fake Net Neutrality Bill Championed By ISPs Then Pretends He's Fighting Against Them

The bill, introduced by Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, mirrors legislation that has been pushed in the House that would enshrine the ability for ISPs to screw you over.


Sally Yates Fought Off a GOP Roast During the Russia Hearing

Republican Senators tried to make former acting Attorney General Sally Yates squirm, but Yates arrived ready for battle.