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Okay, Let’s Talk About John McAfee’s Paid ICO Promotions

McAfee charges $100K per tweet to promote companies that sell digital tokens to investors in crowd sales.
Jordan Pearson

Why John McAfee thinks just one of his tweets is worth $105,000

McAfee says he will only promote coins he “truly believes in” and will limit promotional tweets to two a day.
David Gilbert
Studies In Volatility

John McAfee Appears to Move Cryptocurrency Markets With a Single Tweet

An ad-hoc study in the volatility of niche cryptocurrencies.
Jordan Pearson
Donald Trump

Inside the Bizarre Movement to Make John McAfee Cyber Czar

Despite support from the hacking collective, McAfee says he's still not interested in the hypothetical Cybersecurity position.
Jake Offenhartz
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

How #NeverTrump Conservatives Actually Plan to Vote in 2016

The real-estate mogul's presumptive presidential nomination has left a growing faction of conservatives without a natural political home in 2016.
CJ Ciaramella

A Conspiracy Theorist's Guide to the Panama Papers

The biggest leak in history is a plot against Vladimir Putin, a CIA operation, a George Soros–controlled precursor to the New World Order—and something that could expose the truth behind 9/11.
Harry Cheadle

John McAfee Is Selling a Master Key for Everything

Using Bluetooth low energy networking, EveryKey allows users to simultaneously unlock mobile devices, laptops, web applications and car doors.
DJ Pangburn

John McAfee Launches Presidential Bid With Surprisingly Low Key Video

Because this presidential race wasn’t bizarre enough.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

John McAfee Defends the Security Researcher Who Hacked Airplanes Mid-Flight

Everyone's favorite fugitive and unhinged former CEO is defending security researcher Chris Roberts.
Janus Rose

Our Official Statement On the John McAfee Saga

For the last several days VICE has been caught up in the international media frenzy that is the John McAfee saga. We have been following McAfee and filming a documentary about his bizarre and confusing flight through the jungles of Central America...
VICE Staff

BREAKING: Exclusive Footage of John McAfee Detained in Guatemala

About an hour ago John McAfee was picked up by the Guatemala special police task force for questioning about his illegal entry into the country. His lawyer, Mr. Guerra, accompanied him to Emigrason Albergue in Guatemala City and is attempting to get...
VICE Staff

John McAfee States Alibi on the Record, Retains Lawyer

Yesterday, John McAfee and his lawyer held a press meeting during which he announced that he had documentation proving “the intense corruption at all levels of the Belizean government.” On the ride over to the press meeting, John stated on the record...
Rocco Castoro