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Cities Asked Ring to Share ‘Registry Lists’ of Customers Who Bought Surveillance Cameras

Police want the names and addresses of people who own Ring cameras so they can tap into a private surveillance network.


Police Promised Witnesses Free Ring Surveillance Cameras If They Testified Against Neighbors

The police department of El Monte, CA started a “Ring Reward Program” about a month before it entered a partnership with Ring.


Ring Told People to Snitch on Their Neighbors in Exchange for Free Stuff

Ring helped people form private ‘Digital Neighborhood Watches’ where they report ‘suspicious activity’ in exchange for free Ring products and discounts, according to a presentation obtained by Motherboard.


Ring Partnerships With Police Are ‘Troubling,’ Home Security Lobbyists Say

Home security trade organization The Monitoring Association said that it is troubled by reports of Ring partnerships with law enforcement that are designed to promote Ring products.


New Map Reveals That At Least 231 Cities Have Partnered With Ring

An interactive map, researched and compiled as a personal project by an incoming college senior, gives the most comprehensive view of Ring’s partnerships with law enforcement to date.


Everything You Need to Know About Ring, Amazon’s Surveillance Camera Company

How does Ring partner with police? Are there privacy concerns with Ring doorbells? What is the Neighbors app? This, and other things we’ve learned from 1,800 pages of public records.


White Supremacists Are Meeting to Talk About Charlottesville in Florida. The Local Cops Aren't Worried.

Florida’s League of the South, a white supremacist neo-Confederate group, is hosting an event at a plush wedding venue called Casa Isabel on Saturday.


Amazon Is Coaching Cops on How to Obtain Surveillance Footage Without a Warrant

Ring, Amazon’s home surveillance company, is teaching police how to convince residents to share camera footage with them.


Amazon Told Police It Has Partnered With 200 Law Enforcement Agencies

Ring’s partnerships with law enforcement could be far more more widespread than previously reported.


Trans Woman's Killer Used the "Gay Panic Defense." It's Still Legal in 42 States.

Islan Nettles' assailant claimed he’d felt duped and humiliated by the revelation of his victim's gender identity


How the Death of Eric Garner Changed the NYPD and New York City

It took the death of one man, and many protests, to end "stop and frisk."