true crime

Miami Luxury Yacht Owner and Captain Charged in Horrific Coke-Fueled Death

According to the feds, the 91-foot "Miami Vice" was piloted by a captain who regularly did blow—and a French owner knew about it.
Francisco Alvarado
gig economy

My Failed Quest to Get Rich by Being a Notary Public

Or, My Attempt to Disrupt a Part of the Gig Economy That Needs No Disruption.
Nick Greene

Does a $15K Dildo Actually Offer a Better Orgasm?

Karley Sciortino peers into the world of luxury sex objects to find out.
Karley Sciortino
MUNCHIES Holiday Gift Guide

Spoil Your Friends and Yourself with These Fancy Food Gifts

We all deserve a little luxury this year.
Munchies Staff

2 Chainz Checks His Dog into a Luxury Pet Hotel

Tune into VICELAND Wednesday for the latest from 'MOST EXPENSIVEST,' along with a new episode of 'THE TRIXIE AND KATYA SHOW.'
VICE Staff

2 Chainz Eats the Best Steak Money Can Buy on the Premiere of 'MOST EXPENSIVEST'

Catch the first episode of the new show on VICELAND Tuesday, along with the series premiere of 'THE TRIXIE AND KATYA SHOW.'
VICE Staff
Hot investment opportunities

Own One-Sixth of a Porsche With This Blockchain Luxury Company

TEND was founded by a former Credit Suisse banker.
Jordan Pearson

A Rare License Plate Number Can Fetch $900,000 in Qatar

With so many unusual and expensive cars on the road, rich folks in the wealthy Gulf country bid for limited license plate numbers to stand out and show off.
Jenna Belhumeur

Meet the Guy Who Photographs Luxury Planes for the Super Rich

"The Kardashians are very rich, but they're not rich like the rich I deal with. They're paupers in comparison."
Julian Morgans
Noisey News

Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Has Been Arrested

The 25-year-old has been charged with wire fraud in connection with the festival. If convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison.
Alex Robert Ross
Garage Magazine

Gucci x Farfetch: Spend More Time Living Forever

A partnership with Farfetch promises Gucci at your doorstep in 90 minutes or less. Is it a feature-length publicity stunt or the future of e-commerce?
Gemma Sieff

This 18-Carat Gold 'Kale Cuff' Can Be Yours for the Low Price of $1,400

So, what happens when you combine two of the most obnoxious trends of the last decade—ostentatious luxury jewelry intended to show the world that the wearer is “charitable,” and kale?
Charley Lanyon