A Blue Crab Invasion Is Making Life Hell for Spanish Fishermen

Maryland's beloved blue crabs somehow made it across the Atlantic, and are now "devouring everything" and even getting compared to ISIS.
Jelisa Castrodale

Maryland Football Players Not Happy D.J. Durkin Reinstated

Several players had strong reactions to Maryland's decision to reinstate head coach D.J. Durkin after player Jordan McNair's death.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Watch IDK Create Chaos in a New Short 'IWASVERYBAD'

The 15-minute visual turns 'IWASVERYBAD' into the soundtrack of his life in PG County, Maryland. It premieres today on Noisey.
Kristin Corry
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Yet Another Woman Was Impaled by a Flying Beach Umbrella

"She was talking and coherent the entire time, despite having this umbrella sticking out of her."
River Donaghey
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This Maryland Shooting Survivor 'Couldn't Give a Fuck' About Thoughts and Prayers

"I'm going to need more than a couple days of news coverage and some thoughts and prayers, because it's—our whole lives have been shattered."
Drew Schwartz
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This Democrat Kissed His Husband in a Campaign Ad on Fox to 'Piss Off Trump'

It's a historic first for American political ads.
Drew Schwartz

Maryland Police Officer Charged for Pouring Beer Down Man's Shirt After Writing Ticket

The officer was wearing a body camera but turned it off before grabbing the man by the collar and dousing him in beer.
Jelisa Castrodale
The Rundown

States Want Their Own Net Neutrality Laws to Bypass the FCC's Internet Rollbacks

The fight for net neutrality has become a people-powered movement in states across the country to ensure protections for internet consumers.
Impact Staff
House Party

Here Are the Democratic Primaries You Should Be Watching This Year

If progressives want to take over the Democratic Party, here's where they should start.
Robert Wheel

The Baltimore Crab Cake Shop That's So Good, People Want to Be Buried There

Why this legendary Baltimore crab cake spot is so to-die-for that one patron's ashes were scattered on the floor.
Jacob Dean

Maryland Protesters Confronted State Lawmakers for Better Clean Energy Jobs

Activists across the state are demanding that elected officials make environmental justice part of their economic policy.
Aaron Barksdale
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A Suburban Gas Station Serves Some of DC's Best Korean Food

Seoul Food in Wheaton, MD just might be the only place in America where you can eat kimchi chili and vegan bibimbap while you're filling up your tank.
Ananya Bhattacharyya