Mass Incarceration

High Wire

Democrats Are Racing to Look Progressive on Drugs

Sanders and Warren supporting safe injection sites shows how far we've come since the 80s.
Maia Szalavitz

'Welcome to a Shithole': Most U.S. Prisons Are Filled with Toxic Waste

Our jails are overflowing with raw sewage, leaky ceilings, mold and insects. Some cities are trying to fix the damage.
Jesi Taylor Cruz

Sandra Bland Recorded Her Traffic Stop. Now the Footage Is Out.

Bland was jailed after an encounter with a Texas cop over a minor traffic violation. Three days later she was found hanged in her cell.
Emma Ockerman
Noisey Raps

The Story of 03 Greedo, a Genius in Exile

We followed the West coast rapper one week before he turned himself in for a 20 year prison sentence, halting his rise as the standard-bearer of L.A.'s rap scene.
Noisey Staff

Humanizing Portraits of Mentally Ill Inmates at Cook County Jail

The jail has become the largest mental health care provider in the US.
Miss Rosen

Here's Fresh Evidence the Drug War Is a 'Horrific Failure'

"The international drug control system promised a world free of drugs, but has delivered the exact opposite."
Max Daly
Noisey News

Florida's Prisoners Are Getting Screwed Out of $11 Million of Music They Purchased

A new multimedia tablet program means that inmates will be unable to keep the mp3s and players they purchased under a previous for-profit program.
Kim Kelly
sexual assault

Trans Woman Wins $100K Settlement After Reporting Brutal Rape in a Men's Prison

LeslieAnn Manning says she was raped by another inmate in 2013. Five years later, she won a historic sum from the state — but she's still locked up in a men's facility.
Aviva Stahl

Michael K. Williams Meets Kids Swept Up in America's Prison Pipeline

The actor investigates the juvenile justice system on the season premiere of 'VICE' on HBO.
VICE Staff

I Was Locked Away from My Children for 14 Months Because I Couldn't Make Bail

Because I couldn't afford to pay $250,000 in bail, I had to languish behind bars for over a year while awaiting trial—without being convicted of a crime.
Lavette Mayes
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Larry Krasner is trying to transform criminal justice in Philadelphia

A wave of reform-minded district attorneys have been elected across the country, but Philadelphia's Larry Krasner might be the most unlikely of them all.
David Noriega

We Can't Fight Rape Culture Without Fighting Mass Incarceration

Incarcerated people are the population most at risk of sexual violence — but their concerns are largely missing from our current cultural moment of reckoning.
Aviva Stahl