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Blocboy JB Drops Short, Sharp New Mixtape 'Don't Think That'

Lil Uzi Vert and Hoodrich Pablo Juan both guest on the Memphis rapper's second release of the year.
Alex Robert Ross
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Some Potheads Allegedly Blazed Up in a Restaurant and Walked Out on a $420 Bill

In what is probably the most stoner crime of all time.
Drew Schwartz
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Drake Jumps on BlocBoy JB's New Song, "Look Alive"

The new song, released at midnight, is a reworking of BlocBoy's own "Rover."
Noisey Staff

Skyping With House Music Legend Larry Heard​

Skype drops out even on the guy responsible for one of dance music's biggest tracks.
Tim Scott

What It’s Like to Work at the Most Haunted Bar in America

Working for 13 years at Memphis bar Earnestine & Hazel's, Karen Brownlee has seen it all—from poltergeist jukeboxes to floating orbs to voices from the walls that know her by name.
Karen Brownlee
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Julien Baker's New Song, "Turn Out the Lights," Is Almost Uplifting

The title track from her forthcoming second LP takes a different approach than "Appointments," but it'll still crush you.
Alex Robert Ross
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See Julien Baker Play Another Brutal New Song on ‘A Prairie Home Companion’

The Memphis singer-songwriter also performed "Appointments" on the Minnesota Public Radio staple.
Alex Robert Ross
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Daz Rinko Finds Love From Above And Liam Gallagher on EP 'Black Boy Joy'

"I'm simply striving and exceeding the expectations placed upon us from before we were born."
Sharine Taylor
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Julien Baker Announces New LP, Shares Stunning New Single “Appointments”

'Turn Out the Lights,' Baker's second album, is out October 27 on Matador.
Alex Robert Ross
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Ettore Sottsass: Walking in Memphis

The Met Breuer's centenary celebration of Italian design outlier Ettore Sottsass links the Memphis founder's work with objects and images from across the museum's collection.
Eugenia Bell

Sports Are a Metaphor for Inequality in These Colorful Paintings

Baseball, carnivals, and institutional racism inspire Memphis-born artist Derek Fordjour's evocative paintings, collages, and sculptures.
Francesca Capossela
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Man Dies After Live-Streaming Self-Immolation Outside of Ex’s Bar

Jared McLemore streamed the act of igniting himself on Facebook Live and, while on fire, ran into the bar where his ex-girlfriend was working.
Mack Lamoureux