"Despicable": Minneapolis mayor condemns racist Christmas tree put up by cops

Minneapolis police have a troubled relationship with constituents who remember the 2015 Jamar Clark shooting.
Tess Owen
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How Much You Should Pay in Rent

So you’re finally ready to move out of mom and dad’s house. Now it's time to figure out how much you can afford to spend on rent and still have enough money leftover for all the fun things you want to do too.
Gina Ragusa
police shootings

"Please don't shoot me": Body cam footage shows police fatally shooting Thurman Blevins Jr from behind

Two police officers shot and killed the 31-year-old black man — who appeared to have a gun — from behind after a frantic foot chase through a residential Minneapolis neighborhood.
Tess Owen

Ness Nite Is Not Your Typical Pop Dream Girl

Stream the Minneapolis-based artist's journey through the night in her debut LP, 'Dream Girl.'
Kristin Corry
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A Prince Songwriting Credit Is Going for the Low, Low Price of $490,000

Former studio owner Chris Moon has put his credit on "Soft and Wet" up for sale on eBay because nothing is sacred.
Lauren O'Neill
Sex Trafficking

ICE promises to protect Super Bowl from nonexistent human trafficking threat

Even the local officials in Minneapolis aren’t that concerned about a big spike.
Josh Marcus

Bud Light Hires Old Timey Town Crier to Issue Cease-and-Desist to Craft Brewer

'Dilly dilly' belongs to Bud Light and Bud Light only, apparently.
Mayukh Sen
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The End of the Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis' Most Important Punk Bar

A night of mourning (and celebration) for the venue that was the heart of the Midwestern music scene.
David Anthony

Trans Candidates Think 2017 Could Be Their Year, Finally

A new PAC is working to get trans people to elected office, where they've rarely been before.
Katelyn Burns
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Grant Hart, Hüsker Dü Drummer and Songwriter, Dies at 56

The news was confirmed by his bandmate, Bob Mould, Thursday morning.
Alex Robert Ross

Where Chopped Cheese Is Served with a Side of Camel

“People try it because they want something new. But they come back for it because they can’t get enough.”
Mecca Bos

9 Artists Explore Black Hair and Barbershop Culture

The barbershop is one of the enduring safe spaces for the black community.
Antwaun Sargent