neural networks


Scientists Created a 'Frogger'-Playing AI That Explains Its Decisions

A classic game helps to solve a big problem with AI as the technology makes more decisions about our lives.


AI Can Generate Interactive Virtual Worlds Based on Simple Videos

Nvidia’s new AI represents a major leap forward in graphics generation based on neural networks.


This Neural Network Trained on the Bible Tries to Play God

A developer made neural network trained on the Bible — can you distinguish what’s “divine” and what’s “benign”?


Describe a Face and This AI Will Draw It

Animesh Karnewar wanted to program an AI that could translate descriptions of characters in books to images.


This DIY Polaroid Camera Draws Cartoons Using Machine Learning

A DIY Polaroid camera prints what a neural network thinks it sees.


Stanford Researchers Trained a Neural Network to Make These Memes

The model was trained on hundreds of memes in the “advice animal” style of text and image then tasked with producing its own captions.


This AI Will Turn Your Dog Into a Cat

A new version of the algorithm that can change summer into winter for any video can now turn your dogs into cats.


If AI Thinks Like a Human It May Get Depressed

A neuroscientist considers why a serotonin function in artificial intelligence could be both a help and a hindrance.


Google's Open Source AI Lets Anyone Hunt for Alien Planets At Home

Hunt for exoplanets with Kepler data and Google’s open source machine learning algorithm.


A Data Scientist Was Sick of Seeing Spam on His Facebook so He Built a Fake News Detector

It's still a work-in-progress but shows the possibilities for machine learning in the age of fake news.


Top Researchers Write 100-Page Report Warning About AI Threat to Humanity

26 researchers from 14 organizations compiled a sweeping report on the dangers posed by malicious superhuman artificial intelligence.


Attack Targets Automatic Speech Recognition Systems

Research demonstrates the possibility of using slight distortions to trick speech recognition neural nets into hearing spoofed messages.