North American

Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

How North America Found Itself in the Grips of an Opioid Crisis

From pharmaceutical deception to prohibition without rehabilitation, we look at the mistakes that got us here.
Dan Werb

Watch the Premiere of 'Abandoned' on VICELAND

Legendary skateboarder Rick McCrank takes us inside the abandoned spaces that are becoming unique skate spots Friday night on the premiere of his new VICELAND show.
VICE Staff

The Definitive Analysis of That Trudeau-Obama-Nieto Handshake That You Didn’t Know You Needed

God damn, does anyone else need a smoke?
Drew Brown

Arts and Music Venues in North America Are Now Training Staff for ‘Active Shooter’ Situations

But not everyone agrees with the type of training, as Seattle staffers were told by police to fight back, not flee.
Sarah Berman

Investigative Journalist Matt Kennard Talks About America's Economic Stranglehold on the World

His new book looks at how the American government, banks, and intelligence agencies enforce a very covert and modern type of imperialism.
Amelia Abraham

Low Oil Prices Are Killing the Fracking Industry, but the Tar Sands Will Be Fine (for Now)

The current slump in oil prices could spell the end of North American fracking, but will price volatility mean trouble for the more financially stable tar sands?
Tannara Yelland

These Nuclear Physicists Think David Suzuki Is Exaggerating about Fukushima

Just when many of us were already asking “WTF is going on in Fukushima?” along comes venerated Canadian scientist David Suzuki with the most ominous warning yet. It's no surprise the eco-guru's warning spread like a nuclear meltdown on social media...
David P. Ball