Inside the 'Nasty' Senate Race Tearing North Dakota Apart

A few thousand votes from this rural state in November could decide the fate of the entire Senate.
Sam Easter
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'Drunk or Stoned' United Stewardess: 'If Your Seatbelt Isn't Tight, You Fucked Up'

The airline has since apologized for the "concerning incident."
Drew Schwartz

The Standing Rock Sioux Just Won a 'Major Victory' in Court

The battle over the Dakota Access pipeline continues.
Cole Kazdin

How Standing Rock Birthed a New Generation of Independent Left-Wing Media

A crew of journalism collectives and livestreamers were more effective at covering the movement than the mainstream media.
Cheree Franco
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Learn Quillwork and Indigenous Culture at Five Nations Arts

This North Dakota gallery encourages and teaches traditional techniques that go back centuries.
J.H. Fearless
Standing Rock

The Final, Messy, Defiant Days of the Standing Rock Camps

Defying the government and even the local tribes, a stubborn group of activists remains camped out in North Dakota.
Cheree Franco
Standing Rock

The Standing Rock Sioux Aren't About to Roll Over for Trump

The tribe is preparing to challenge the Dakota Access pipeline in court as round two of the battle between activists and government begins.
Cole Kazdin
Standing Rock

My Week Among the Freezing, Confused, Hopeful Veterans at Standing Rock

When US veterans traveled to Standing Rock to join the pipeline protests, they were hoping to protect Native activists fighting for their land and water. But many were also hoping to find a new purpose.
Cheree Franco

How the Standing Rock Camps Are Coping with the Massive Blizzard

Despite incredibly harsh conditions and a request from a Sioux leader that non-Sioux campers leave, many are staying put.
VICE Staff

The Dakota Pipeline Will Be Rerouted, but the Standing Rock Campers Aren't Moving Just Yet

A major victory for the "water protectors" at Standing Rock was greeted by cheers and cautious optimism.
VICE Staff

What Oil Pipelines Can Do to Native American Land and Life

Just a few hours away from Standing Rock is another reservation that has dealt with the oil industry very differently, and has very different problems.
Sulome Anderson

The Standing Rock 'Water Protectors' Vow to Stay No Matter What the Government Does

The government has ordered the protesters to move by December 5 or face potential trespassing charges, and lots of them seem prepared to go with the latter.
Cole Kazdin and Duy Linh Tu