'Getting a Tan in Central Park,' Today's Comic by Brian Blomerth

While Yorna works on her tan, some unexpected company flies in.
Brian Blomerth
14 hours ago
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What Will Amazon's HQ2 Mean for Transit in Queens?

When the L Train goes offline, Long Island City will have to make room for hordes of rerouted passengers. Can the city handle a corporate giant too?
John Surico
a day ago
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Albany Finally Has a Chance to Reform the Subways

With full Democratic control of the statehouse for the first time since 2010, New York lawmakers are now confronted with a huge undertaking: fixing New York City’s subway system.
John Surico
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The L Train Shutdown Is Really Happening

It all starts on April 27, 2019.
John Surico
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Protesters Showed Up to Louis C.K.'s Latest Set at the Comedy Cellar

They held up signs at the entrance to the venue and asked people to walk out.
Drew Schwartz

The MTA Figured Out How to Make New York's Subways Even More Horrifying

The photographer Victor Llorente went to Union Square's "Haunted Subway" and captured the terror of an already terrifying mode of transportation.
Alex Norcia
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A Fancy New E-Ferry Wants to Save New York's L Train Commuters

They'll have coffee and booze and maybe avocado toast?
John Surico
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Dozens of Brooklyn 'Antifa Witches' Are Planning to Put a 'Hex' on Kavanaugh

Armed with coffin nails, effigies, and dirt from a graveyard, they'll be casting a spell "all about causing suffering"—just in time for Halloween!
Drew Schwartz
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You or Your Dog Can Now Pee All Over Trump Thanks to These Statues

They're set up all across Brooklyn, just asking for a golden shower.
Drew Schwartz
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Is New York’s Subway System Actually Getting Better?

It's been a year since the $836 million Subway Action Plan was introduced. It's been working, but New Yorkers haven't seemed to notice.
John Surico
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Some Major Comedians Showed Up to Support Aziz Ansari's Comedy Cellar Set

He performed alongside Kevin Hart and Chris Rock at the same venue where Louis C.K. had his first show since admitting to sexual misconduct.
Drew Schwartz

What Brooklyn Really Looked Like in the 70s and 80s

"Rents were so low, you could work and make a decent living without a college degree."
Seth Ferranti