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A Strong US Economy Doesn’t Have to Mean a Worse Climate

A new report estimating the carbon emissions for 2018 shows they have risen for the first time in four years, in part due to the growing economy.
Kaleigh Rogers

8,000 Barrels of Oil Spill Into the Amazon After Locals Attack Pipeline

There have been 15 attacks on the major Peruvian pipeline in the last two years as indigenous communities faceoff against oil companies.
Daniel Oberhaus
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The Oil Industry Spent Millions to Kill an Anti-Pollution Measure

BP America, Chevron USA, and the Koch brothers were among those who spent $31 million to defeat the ballot initiative.
VICE Staff

Big Oil Defeats a Carbon Fee By Arguing It Doesn't Go Far Enough

It would have been the first carbon fee enacted in the US. Oil lobbyists fought it by making a novel, hypocritical argument, and it worked.
Caroline Haskins
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This Is Why Popping Your Pimples Feels So Satisfying

You know you’re not supposed to pick at acne but honestly, it's just so soothing—until you look in the mirror and see the same zit back with a vengeance next morning.
Elizabeth Brown
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21 Weed Edible Recipes that Are Way Better Than 'Special Brownies'

You deserve better than a limp joint and leftover pad Thai eaten by the light of the fridge.
Munchies Staff
climate change

Big Oil’s Business Model Could Be on the Verge of Failing

What happens when demand for oil peaks and starts to fall?
Geoff Dembicki

We Met the Oklahoma Tribe Fighting to Stop Big Oil from Polluting Its Land

Jamali Maddix explores how a Native American tribe is battling environmental racism on 'HATE THY NEIGHBOR.'
VICE Staff
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This Is What Happened to My Body After the First Week of the Keto Diet

So. Much. Butter.
Grant Stoddard

Venezuela’s ‘Petro’ Launch Was Amateur Hour

A last-minute blockchain switch saw scammers trying to cash in on the confusion.
Jordan Pearson
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

#MeToo dominates the Golden Globes, Kushner company took $30 million from Israeli investor, flooding wreaks havoc at JFK airport, and more.
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Russia Is Deploying Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Defend Its Arctic Oil Claims

The surface-to-air system is built for cold and can shoot down cruise missiles in the rapidly warming, potentially oil-rich Far North.
David Axe