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Late Capitalism

Amazon's Anti-Union Past Is Coming Back to Bite It

"We have asked the company to provide air conditioning for us, but they told us that the robots inside can’t work in cold weather."
Ankita Rao
Whole Foods

Whole Foods Employees Move to Unionize Nationwide

"The success of Amazon and WFM should not come at the cost of exploiting our dedication and threatening our economic stability."
Hannah Keyser
Views My Own

Unions Just Got the Win They Deserve

On Tuesday night, organized labor scored a major victory in a red state, the latest in a series of small triumphs despite attacks from all sides.
Eve Peyser

A Future Without Unions Is a Terrifying Dystopia

From even crazier rent to low pay to no weekends and shitty bosses, it's a lot like the world we live in now—just worse.
Matt Taylor

A Second Trump Term Just Got Way More Likely Thanks to the Supreme Court

A historic decision against unions will hurt workers and could sap Democrats of political power for a generation.
Matt Taylor

A Massive Strike Is Actually Working

A weeklong holdout over teacher pay that seemed to end after the Republican governor made major salary promises dragged into Thursday. It could resonate in November and beyond.
Mason Adams
true crime

The Strange Extortion Trial Pitting Teamsters Against 'Top Chef'

Allegations of slashed tires, misogynistic and ethnic threats, and terrified reality TV producers—this federal case has it all.
Susan Zalkind
international women's day

Why Some Women Feel Excluded From the Strike

Which highlights the reason we're striking in the first place.
Eve Peyser

Conservatives Have a New Plan for Busting America's Unions

Republicans in Kentucky have opened up a new frontier in the war on labor, pushing through county right-to-work ordinances that put the fate of union workers in the hands of local, rather than state, governments.
Spencer Woodman

America's Union-Busting Conservatives Are Going Local

Organized labor has been under assault for decades in this country, and a new breed of anti-union laws could be coming to your town next.
Spencer Woodman

People Are Blocking Cargo Ships to Protest Israel

Protesters in Oakland blocked an Israeli ship from unloading its cargo to protest Israel's war on Gaza.
Charlotte Silver

New York Progressive Party Kisses Andrew Cuomo's Ring

Going into this past weekend, there was a faint sense that the organized Left could genuinely wrest some measure of power from the Democratic Party. Not so fast.
Michael Tracey