Scientists Find Evidence of Water on Potentially Habitable ‘Super-Earth’

K2-18b is the "best candidate" to host alien life outside the solar system.


Astronomers Peer at a Young Star System That Is Strikingly Similar to Our Own

DM Tau has its own asteroid belt, and may be developing its own versions of Earth and Neptune, too.


This Alien World Is Evaporating Faster Than Any Known Planet

“In only a few billion years from now, half of the planet may be gone.”


Humanity’s Next Mission to Mercury Will Test Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

BepiColombo is scheduled to launch from French Guiana at 9:45 PM ET on October 19.


Scientists Design a ‘Template’ for Plant Life on Alien Worlds

“Once we figure out, or I hope we figure out, that we are not alone in the universe, the connection to the cosmos is just going to be even stronger.”


Most of the Mammals On Earth Are Cows Because We're Addicted to Meat

A new study of all the biomass on the planet found that 60 percent of all mammals are livestock.


Your Plastic Waste Is Killing Tons of Baby Birds

We talked to the photographer who documents North Pacific albatross and their garbage-clogged insides.


A Very High Percentage of Young People Aren't Sure the World Is Round

Which is pretty sad when contemplating the future of the planet, whatever ​shape you think its is.


Scientists found another Earth-like planet, and even more are coming

“You’re right now standing on the threshold of the next sonic boom in exoplanet discoveries.”


Scientists Say This Planet Looks Like It’s ‘Darker Than Fresh Asphalt’

The movie “Pitch Black,” come to life.


Experience the hidden music of earthquakes

The SeismoDome exhibit lets audiences experience the hidden music of earthquakes


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