Someone Is Spamming and Breaking a Core Component of PGP’s Ecosystem

A new wave of spamming attacks on a core component of PGP’s ecosystem has highlighted a fundamental weakness in the whole ecosystem.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Russian Pussy Riot member who stormed the World Cup was probably poisoned, doctors say

“The information we currently have shows a high plausibility that poisoning has taken place here.”
Christianna Silva

Pussy Riot's Pyotr Verzilov is seriously ill — and his friends think he was poisoned

"His life is in danger. We think that he was poisoned.”
Tim Hume
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Experts Call This Mushroom-Identifying App 'Potentially Deadly'

Its creator says it's only meant to be used as a reference.
Kaleigh Rogers
Fast Food

Monday Was a Really Shitty Day for Subway

Monday was a really, really shitty day for the dwindling sub sandwich behemoth that is Subway. That’s because Subway was unlucky enough to become the focus of national news organizations not once, but twice in a single day.
Alex Swerdloff

More Than 300 People in This Community Have Been Poisoned By Mercury, And Ontario Isn't Cleaning It Up

In the 1960s and 1970s, a pulp and paper mill dumped chemicals into the river system relied upon by Indigenous communities in northern Ontario. It's all still there.
Hilary Beaumont

A Brief History of Women Putting Poison in Their Lovers' Food

For many reasons—money, jealousy, or even a way out of an abusive relationship—poison has remained an effective weapon for women throughout history.
Lakeisha Goedluck
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The Guy in Charge of North Las Vegas' Water Purity Once Poisoned a Bunch of Kids

This surpasses "cartoonish evil" and enters into the realm of "Shakespearian irony."
Drew Millard

Moonshine Poisoning Is Still a Massive, Deadly Problem Worldwide

After nearly a hundred people were killed by drinking bootleg liquor in Mumbai over the weekend, it's hard not to wonder when the problem of poisonous booze will end.
Hilary Pollack

French Experts Try to Kill Conspiracy Theory That Says Yasser Arafat Was Poisoned

A team of French experts has reportedly concluded that radioactive polonium found on Arafat’s clothing was of an “environmental nature” and not the cause of his death.
Melodie Bouchaud

UK Scientists Say that Fluoridated Water Makes You Fat and Depressed

A new study from the University of Kent has found that Britons who live in areas with higher water fluoride levels are significantly more likely to develop thyroid problems.
Munchies Staff
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Bootleg Liquor Is Killing Hundreds of People Across India

The poisoning of some 200 people earlier this week in Uttar Pradesh highlights a long-running problem within India, where unregulated moonshine is widely consumed.
Sonia Paul