Trump’s EPA Is Very Concerned About Homeless People and Their Poop

The Trump administration sent an unusually strong message to California about its homelessness crisis: an environmental complaint.


Will Smith Can Go 3 Days Without Pooping, and He Wants the World to Know About It

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Eleven Years Later, No One Knows Who Pooped in This Woman's Gelato

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The city had a whopping 28,084 reports of turds in 2018.


Climate Change Could Expose Tons of Human Poop Left on Alaskan Glacier

Climbers have abandoned roughly 66 tons of feces on Mount Denali, and it’s just waiting to reemerge.


This Jelly’s Butthole Only Appears When It Poops

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This Is Why Getting Drunk Gives Some People Diarrhea

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Owner of USB Stick Found in Seal Poop Has Come Forward

"I feel bad here because I feel like I'm ruining a really good story."


Lemon Water Will Not Boost Your Metabolism

We set out to debunk and/or extol the virtues of drinking lemon water. The news is mostly sour.