Power Trip


Ten Years of Power Trip, Texas Hardcore Heroes

A look at the legacy of the Dallas hardcore band, who recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a hometown mosh-gala.
Andy O'Connor
To Hell And Back

Riding the New Wave of Anti-Fascist Black Metal

Anti-fascist black metal is everywhere all of a sudden, so we put together a heap of recommendations for Nazi-smashing metalheads, including Redbait, Underdark, Yovel, and more.
Kim Kelly
New music

Power Trip's "Hornet's Nest" Is Proof They Can't Be Fucked With

The Texas thrash boys release a new walloper of a single via Adult Swim.
Phil Witmer

Thrash Metal Is Going Through Its Second Puberty

Power Trip, Slaegt, and Oozing Wound discuss how thrash has moved on from mid-2000s nostalgia to become a whole new kind of killing machine.
Christopher Krovatin

Clear a Path, Motherfuckers, Primal Rite Is Here

Power Trip's Riley Gale talks to vocalist Lucy Xavier about her band's hardcore ethics, the fluidity of gender, and the wisdom of Bruce Lee.
Riley Gale

Mammoth Grinder's New Album Is So Good We're Kind of Mad About It

The Chris Ulsh-helmed Texas extreme metal trio is back with a fantastically headbangable new album for Relapse Records.
Kim Kelly
Noisey News

Power Trip Are Pretty Cheesed About Their Music Being Played on Fox News

"We wouldn’t be happy about being played on any major 'news' network, but most especially Fox," tweeted the band.
Phil Witmer
noisey beats 1

Noisey Beats 1: Power Trip, Antwon, and Kill Whitey

Tune into episode 116 of Noisey Radio on Beats 1 this Saturday at 9 AM EST/6 AM PST and Sunday 9 PM EST/6 PM PST.
Noisey Staff
Power Play

How to Manipulate a Power Tripper

Start with his deepest need.
Jay Heinrichs

War Is Hell in Power Trip's New Video for "Executioner's Tax"

Watch the intense new music video for a track off the the Texas heshers’ merciless new album, ‘Nightmare Logic'
Kim Kelly

Power Trip Wants to Build a New Underground Resistance

The politically-charged Texas thrashers aren't afraid to speak out against oppression—and as vocalist Riley Gale told us, there's a lot of work to do
Louise Brown
New music

Power Trip Score a Hat-Trick of Thrash with New Song "Nightmare Logic"

This track will make your limbs wish they had brains so that each of them could mosh.
Phil Witmer