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A 40-year-old Californian is 7th Person to Die from a Vaping Illness

Tulare County, located south of Fresno, said it has seen at least three vaping-related illnesses
Emma Ockerman
4 days ago

An Israeli Flight Attendant Died of Measles Complications After Traveling from New York City

The 43-year-old mother had worked a route between New York City and Tel Aviv at the height of the U.S. outbreak.
Emma Ockerman

We're Losing the War Against Measles

The CDC has already registered nearly 1,000 measles cases in America this year.
Emma Ockerman
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This county banned unvaccinated kids from public spaces

Joe Hendrick is now homeschooling his sons while juggling his job and a two-week-old newborn child.
Antonia Hylton
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You can now make thousands of dollars reporting on idling vehicles in NYC

One guy has already made $9,000.
Lee Doyle
Alex Lubben

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just did a podcast with a guy who falsely claimed vaccines “cause autism”

Other tech giants are taking steps to mitigate the spread of scientifically unsupported claims about vaccines.
Carter Sherman

This is why measles is making a big comeback around the globe

Dipping vaccination rates and tourism are spreading the respiratory disease quickly around the globe.
Emma Ockerman
Opioid Crisis

Americans are now more likely to die from an opioid overdose than a car accident

If you're living in America, the lifetime odds you'll die of an opioid overdose are 1 in 96
Emma Ockerman

Air Pollution Killed 600,000 Children in 2016, According to WHO Report

The World Health Organization found that 1.8 billion people under 15 are at risk of respiratory infections due to contaminated air.
Becky Ferreira
Eat This

There Are Nearly 1,000 Chemicals in Our Food That Have Never Been Tested for Safety

Why the FDA and the EPA aren't set up to protect us from contaminants in the food we eat.
Kristin Lawless
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Louisiana can't fix the pitch-black sludge coming from this town's faucets

Louisiana’s water system has consistently ranked amongst the worst in the country. And the road to clean water does not look promising.
Nigel Duara
nuclear fallout

America Is Not Prepared for Nuclear War, Public Health Experts Warn

A gathering of experts organized by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said the US isn’t ready for the public health crisis that would follow a nuclear blast.
Matthew Gault