A black hotel guest was calling his mom in the lobby. A guard called the cops on him.

The man said he had his hotel key in his hand throughout the entire conversation.
Tess Owen
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Flight Attendants Questioned a Black Doctor for Helping a Sick Passenger

Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford claims they asked for her credentials twice, then grilled her on whether she was "actually an MD."
Arimeta Diop
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A White Guy Called the Cops on a Black Woman for Using Her Own Damn Pool

Jasmine Edwards called the incident "a classic case of racial profiling."
Lauren Messman

4Chan Hoax Claims Starbucks Is Giving Free Coffee Coupons to Black Customers

It didn't take long for right-wing trolls to capitalize on last week's racial profiling incident at a Philadelphia Starbucks.
Mayukh Sen
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Trump Said He's 'Seriously Considering' Pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The former Arizona sheriff was recently found guilty of contempt of court in connection with his legacy of encouraging racial profiling.
Drew Schwartz
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Minorities Are Still More Likely to Be Stopped by the NYPD

A new report found the city's stop-and-frisk rate has plummeted—but affects more people of color than whites.
Drew Schwartz
Police reform

Sandra Bland’s family calls toothless police reform act named in her honor “gut-wrenching”

Carter Sherman
mike scott

Mike Scott Cleared Of Drug Charges After Judge Cites Possible Racial Profiling

The former Atlanta Hawks forward may be back in the NBA soon.
Mike Piellucci
End form 696

London Police Form 696 Still Exists, and It's Still Unfairly Targeting Grime Shows: Everything You Need to Know

London's Met Police risk assessment form was introduced over a decade ago, leading to the voluntary cancellation of high-profile grime gigs, but now there’s a possibility it might finally be revoked.
Daisy Jones
stop and frisk

Milwaukee cops sued over allegedly racist stop-and-frisk program

Tess Owen

Obama shuts down 9/11 Muslim registry before Trump can revive it

Tess Owen
Civil Rights

YouTube prankster was speaking Arabic, then Delta kicked him off his flight

Olivia Becker