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Men's Magazine in Japan Under Fire over Story Listing Campuses Where Drunk Women Were 'Easy'

The story also included "tips" on how to "coax" intoxicated women into having sex.
VICE Staff
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Brock Turner's Lawyer Tells Judge His Client Wanted 'Outercourse,' Not Intercourse

Brock Turner is appealing a court's decision to convict him for assaulting a Stanford University student in 2015.
Marie Solis

Men Are Still Spending Obscene Amounts of Money to Become Pick-Up Artists

For "Seduction," the first book-length study of PUAs, Dr. Rachel O'Neill trailed coaches and their clients to illuminate an industry that has fallen out of the public eye.
Zing Tsjeng

The Timeless Myth of Medusa, a Rape Victim Turned Into a Monster

Since Ancient Greece, the snake-haired Gorgon has been a sexualized symbol of women's rage.
Christobel Hastings

We Met the Anti-Feminists Protesting SlutWalk

Jamali Maddix spends a day at the demonstration against rape culture on 'HATE THY NEIGHBOR.'
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Aziz Ansari Didn’t Do Anything Illegal but That’s Not the Point

To many women, including myself, an aggressive and humiliating sexual encounter seems all too familiar.
Manisha Krishnan
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Ellen Page Accuses Director Brett Ratner of Homophobic Harassment

Page claimed Ratner told another woman on the 'X-Men' set “you should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay.”
Manisha Krishnan
sexual assault

This Controversial Program Teaches Women to Spot 'Pre-Rape' Warning Signs

Professor Charlene Senn developed a research-backed method to help women defend themselves from attackers, but some detractors say the program puts the burden for sexual assault prevention on victims.
Gabby Bess

On Harvey Weinstein, and All the Powerful Men Just Like Him

As a Hollywood actress, I have a Harvey Weinstein story. And many stories of men just like him.
Ingrid Haas

Sexual Assault Activists Sound Off to Change Jamaica's Rape Culture

A tambourine seems like an unlikely tool for activism, but that’s exactly what it is for a Jamaica-based movement.
Sharine Taylor
cosby trial

What It Felt Like to Attend the Cosby Trial With Six of His Accusers

I spent 13 days at the Cosby trial with a group of women who say he drugged and sexually assaulted them—which made the eventual mistrial all the more painful.
Caroline Heldman

The Sex Assault Portrayal in the Tupac Biopic Was Inexcusably Bad

A heavy topic like sexual assault deserves to be portrayed with nuance and respect.
Manisha Krishnan