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Should We Regulate Guns Like Cars?

From a manufacturer’s perspective, firearms get the kid-gloves treatment. Does that actually make sense?
Krishna Andavolu
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

What If the US Government Ran Facebook?

On today's episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' Jason Koebler and Ankita Rao discuss Motherboard's recent speculative fiction, and the unnerving reality behind it.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The NRA Now Says 'Nothing Could've Been Done' to Prevent Vegas

The organization offered the response after backtracking on calls for bump stock regulation.
Drew Schwartz
White-collar crime

The Feds Actually Expect Wall Street Bankers to Police Themselves

One of the most important financial regulators in America just announced his new plan for reining in white-collar crime. It doesn't look good.
David Dayen
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Obama Has Always Been Cool with Taking Wall Street Cash

But accepting $400,000 for a speech right after leaving office, when his own refusal to take on Wall Street probably helped elect Trump, is still a uniquely bad look.
David Dayen

Why Air Travel in America Is Such a Disaster

Do you hate how airlines treat you? Blame decades of deregulation and consolidation.
Eve Peyser

What a Legal Recreational Drug Market Would Look Like in the UK

We spoke to a load of experts to understand how legalizing weed, psychedelics, cocaine, pills, and ketamine would actually work.
David Hillier

Former Sex Workers Explain How and Why They Left the Business

"The first step toward leaving that world was writing a book about it and putting my face on the cover."
Nick Chester

How Full-Time Airbnb Landlords Are Making London's Housing Crisis Worse

London homeowners renting out their second properties the whole year round aren't just driving up property prices, they're breaking the law.
Corin Faife
Britain at Night

How the Drug Trade in British Clubs Has Changed for the Millennial Generation

Tracking how the trade of drugs in clubs has shifted over the past 20 years in the UK.
Max Daly

The Medical Marijuana Business Is Budding in Quebec

In this VICE documentary, Simon Coutu plants weed at Quebec's only Health Canada-approved facility, visits with cannabis patients, and learns about new medical cannabis research.
VICE Staff

​Canadians Prefer Their Weed to Be Sold by the Government, Poll Says

The results are in. Canadians want marijuana legalization to be boring and soonish.
Josh Visser