5 days ago

Worn-Out Flash Memory Is Suddenly Bricking Tesla Cars

"When this burns out, you wake up to a black screen."


Congress Is Investigating Apple's Repair Monopoly

Part of the antitrust investigation centers on "Apple's restrictions on third-party repairs."


You Don't Need an iPhone 11 Unless Your Current Phone Is Literally Unusable

The practically, morally, and financially responsible thing to do is to use your current phone for as long as possible.


Apple Will Finally Sell iPhone Parts to Repair Shops But Not to You

Apple's new program is progress, but it's still not any easier to fix your own phone.


Apple Is Locking Batteries to Specific iPhones, a Nightmare for DIY Repair

The move makes it impossible for anyone who is "unauthorized" to replace a battery on an iPhone without losing important features.


The Government Wants to Tackle Big Tech's Repair Monopolies and Planned Obsolescence

The FTC's "Nixing the Fix" hearing is a small but important step forward for the right to repair movement.


Apple Is Still Trying to Sue the Owner of an Independent iPhone Repair Shop

Apple lost its counterfeit case against a Norwegian repair shop owner last year, but the $1 trillion company won't let it go.


Apple Agrees to Tell Users If an iOS Update Will Slow Down Their iPhones

A watchdog group in the United Kingdom got Apple to agree to tell users when its software updates will affect device performance.


Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop

"You are no longer licensed to use the software," Adobe told them.


Bernie Sanders Calls for a National Right-to-Repair Law for Farmers

Sanders becomes the third presidential candidate to say that farmers should have the ability to fix their own tractors.


Apple Is Telling Lawmakers People Will Hurt Themselves if They Try to Fix iPhones

An Apple lobbyist brought an iPhone to meetings with California lawmakers and said consumers could hurt themselves by puncturing a lithium-ion battery.


How to Turn a Windows Laptop Into the Touchscreen Hackintosh of Your Dreams

If you're sick of MacBooks but love MacOS, be brave and convert a new laptop into a Hackintosh with our exhaustive guide.