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There’s A Lot We Still Don’t Know About WikiLeaks’ Role In The 2016 Election

The Mueller report leaves some unanswered questions on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks’s role in the hack and leak against the DNC and John Podesta.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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Federal Prison Inmates Told Us Why Mueller Totally Blew It

"If there’s still someone out there who don't think that our so-called justice system is a shame, then you high as fuck."
Seth Ferranti

Corruption Crusaders Wish Democrats Would Just Expose Trump's Tax Returns Already

They're there for the taking, and the consequences could be way bigger than Robert Mueller's report.
Matt Taylor
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A Surprising Number of People Don't Seem to Care About the Mueller Report

For all the intense media coverage, few people have changed their minds about Trump even after the conclusion of the investigation into his campaign.
Harry Cheadle

The Indie Publisher Trying to Turn the Mueller Report into a Bestseller

Brooklyn-based Melville House makes books from major government reports. Robert Mueller's long-awaited findings could be its biggest hit yet.
Alex Norcia
Robert Mueller

The Mueller Report Actually Looks Like Good News for the Democrats

Most Democrats didn't really want an impeachment fight, and now they're free to move on to more important battles.
Harry Cheadle
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What Federal Inmates Are Saying About Paul Manafort Getting Just 47 Months

"Only the non-connected do real time," one told us.
Seth Ferranti
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Inside Robert Mueller's Horny, Joking-but-Not-Really Fandom

The special counsel "has all of the qualities of a super crush: He's mysterious. He doesn't return phone calls. He plays hard to get."
Alex Norcia

Chad Johnson Says He Saw FBI Arrest Roger Stone

The Trump advisor was indicted by Robert Mueller, and former Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chad Johnson says he was there as his neighbor got nabbed by the feds.
Liam Daniel Pierce

How a Simple Copy/Paste Revealed Explosive New Detail in Manafort’s Case

Redacted court documents keep getting unredacted because of simple, relatively easy to avoid errors. Here’s how to better redact PDFs.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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What Inmates Are Saying About Trump Possibly Going to Prison

"There would have to be some kind of protective custody situation."
Seth Ferranti

A Robert Mueller-Themed Ice Cream Truck Is Trolling the Trumps in DC

Guilty Pleasures is serving scoops and "Cohens" of flavors like IndictMint Chip to advocate for the Mueller investigation.
Jelisa Castrodale