Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

Inside Robert Mueller's Horny, Joking-but-Not-Really Fandom

The special counsel "has all of the qualities of a super crush: He's mysterious. He doesn't return phone calls. He plays hard to get."
Alex Norcia
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What Inmates Are Saying About Trump Possibly Going to Prison

"There would have to be some kind of protective custody situation."
Seth Ferranti
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It's Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Another mass shooting. Another presidential tantrum. Another white nationalist at the White House. And Robert Mueller in trouble.
Matt Taylor
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Diehard Trump Stan Jacob Wohl Is the Most Brain-Poisoned Boy Online

The man behind the weird plot to accuse Robert Mueller of sexual misconduct is so much more than an incompetent political operative.
K.T. Nelson

Four Reasons Brett Kavanaugh Is Scary That Go Way Beyond Abortion

Yes, he could cast the key vote reversing Roe v. Wade. But there's a lot more about this guy that should freak you out.
Matt Taylor
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The Cracks Are Finally Starting to Show in Trump's Presidency

Even Republicans admit that it's getting "ugly" for him.
Harry Cheadle
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No One Who Works for Trump Ever Wins in the End

Lots of people were eager to jump on the Trump train, but it turns out that train is more a rollercoaster that inevitably ends suddenly in a brick wall.
Harry Cheadle
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Robert Mueller Is Facing His Biggest Test Yet

The first case the special counsel has actually brought to trial is in the hands of a jury. You should care.
Matt Taylor

Trump Can't Count on the Supreme Court to Save Him from Mueller

The president seems to think partisan judges are his secret weapon in the Russia investigation. An expert told us why that's wrong.
Matt Taylor

Robert Mueller Is Going After Shady Democrats Now, Too

The swamp might actually be getting drained.
Matt Taylor
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Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. Were Spotted at the Same Airport Gate

And we have, roughly, a shit ton of questions.
Eve Peyser
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Paul Manafort Says He's Being Treated Like a 'VIP' in Jail

Apparently he's got his own cell with a private bathroom, access to a phone and computer, and doesn't have to wear a uniform.
Drew Schwartz