Robert Mueller


Here's Everything You Need to Know About Mueller's 5-Hour Testimony

“If the Democrats want to impeach Trump, they’ll need to do it without any additional assistance from Mueller.”


Repubs Are Dunking on Mueller and the Democrats: “They Look Like They're at a Funeral”

Republicans are out gloating over former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s shaky performance and the stark lack of any killer TV moments, let alone a smoking gun.


Yep, Trump Is Watching the Mueller Hearing — and Trolling It

President Donald Trump appears to be watching the Mueller hearings on Fox News, quoting Chris Wallace.


Give Robert Mueller a Computer, He Desperately Needs Ctrl+F

Mueller's Congressional hearing has been hamstrung by the fact that he keeps having to flip through his 397-page report to figure out what lawmakers are asking him.


The GOP Is Already Yelling About Socialists

Texas Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe somehow used part of his brief five minutes in front of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to call Democrats “socialists.”


Here Are the Biggest Moments of Mueller’s Testimony

Mueller is finally fielding questions on his damning Russia report. Here are the biggest moments.


Trump Is Already Rage-Tweeting About Mueller and Congress

Happy Mueller Day, Mr. President.


Democrats Want Mueller to Just Answer if Trump Broke the Law.

These ex-DOJ officials say he should.


It’s Finally #MuellerTime. Will Anyone Even Care?

“Will he be the political savior that Democrats are hoping for? I wouldn’t hold my breath.”


Robert Mueller Just Agreed to Testify Before Congress

The special counsel will comply with subpoenas from House Democrats.


Rick Gates and Mike Flynn Just Got Subpoenaed by House Democrats

Democrats are now calling in direct witnesses.