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Legit, Safe Places to Inject Heroin Are Closer Than Ever

A tool lots of other countries have tried is suddenly within reach in cities like Philadelphia.
Alex Norcia
Opioid Crisis

Prescription heroin is actually a good idea, analysis shows. But it probably won’t happen.

It’s worth taking another look at prescription heroin, per a RAND Corporation analysis.
Emma Ockerman

Jeff Sessions just scared California into rejecting safe injection sites

Gov. Brown vetoed a bill authorizing them saying "it would be irresponsible to expose local officials and health care professionals to potential federal criminal charges."
Emma Ockerman
Fighting Words

I Would Have Started Heroin Recovery Earlier If I'd Had Access to a Safe Injection Site

There were no harm reduction measures available to me when I was in active heroin addiction. If there had been, I might have a different health outcome than I do today.
Ryan Hampton
Fighting Words

The Trump Administration Wants to Block Cities' Plans to Cut Drug Overdoses

An expert explains why deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein's ideas are so misinformed.
Rob Stenzel
Harm Reduction

Calling Safe Consumption Sites by a Different Name Increases Public Support

A new study found that, all other things being equal, people were more likely to support "overdose prevention sites" opening in their community.
Jesse Hicks

New York City Will Open Four Safe Injection Sites and Call Them Overdose Prevention Centers

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan to open four facilities meant help to prevent overdose deaths following criticism from activists for delaying the report.
Jesse Hicks

How to Solve the Opioid Epidemic: Teach Users to Inject More Safely

Safe injection sites provide a radical harm reduction approach to ending the opioid overdose crisis by educating and empowering drug users.
Celine Gounder

Supervised Drug Injection Sites Will Open in Philadelphia

Research suggests safe injection sites can cut overdose deaths and get people into treatment.
Jesse Hicks
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There’s Been a Secret Safe Injection Site in the US for Three Years

It's time to make this harm-reduction strategy legal.
Maia Szalavitz

Toronto Eyes Safe Injection Sites to Combat Rising Overdoses

There are over 90 supervised injection services around the world, mostly in Europe, and Australia. In North America, however, Vancouver is still the only city to officially provide spaces for users to consume their drugs.
Tamara Khandaker

​Safe Injection Sites Are Likely on Their Way to Toronto

Following the success of Vancouver Insite program, Toronto looks like it will be getting its own swath of safe injection sites for drug users.
Jake Kivanc