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food politics

The Pesticides on Your Produce Are Potentially Dangerous. Why Won't the EPA Ban Them?

Spoiler: it involves lobbyists.
Hannah Keyser
climate change

EPA Submits Proposal to Replace Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The White House just received the EPA’s proposal for replacing the Obama-era climate change rule.
Sarah Emerson
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Scott Pruitt Was Somehow Too Dumb and Corrupt Even for Trump

The shadiest EPA boss ever is gone, and America is still (sort of) alive.
Matt Taylor
EPA Secretary

Scott Pruitt Is Out and the EPA Is Still Fucked

Scott Pruitt resigned from the EPA today, stepping aside for a Washington insider who fought for coal companies.
Sarah Emerson

Trump's EPA Is a Disaster, So These Artists Made Their Own

It's run by weeds (yes, weeds)—which are somehow a plausible alternative to Scott Pruitt.
Claire Voon
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Scott Pruitt Made His Security Team Drive Him on a Quest for Fancy Lotion

What is so great about the Ritz-Carlton's official moisturizer?
River Donaghey
Trump's EPA

Scott Pruitt Has Until July 11 to Explain His Climate Skepticism, Judge Rules

After Pruitt ignored an FOIA request for studies supporting his view that humans are not the primary contributor to climate change, environmental advocates turned to the courts.
Becky Ferreira
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Even Chick-fil-A Got Dragged into Trump's Truly Insane Corruption

Scott Pruitt tried to nab his wife a fast-food franchise—the latest in a series of shameless abuses of power by Trump's EPA boss.
Matt Taylor

Scott Pruitt Spent $1,560 on Pens and They Weren't Even Good Pens

Here are the pens he should have bought with that money.
Eve Peyser
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Trump’s NASA Leader Should Explain His ‘Evolution’ on Climate Change

It’s great that Administrator Jim Bridenstine accepts his own agency’s consensus on climate science. Let’s hope he builds on his new perspective.
Becky Ferreira

Trump's Rampant Corruption Will Actually Hurt Him Soon

The guy who famously bragged he could shoot someone on the street and not lose voters will get his—if Democrats don't screw this up.
Matt Taylor
John Oliver

John Oliver: Everyone Wants EPA Chief Scott Pruitt to Go Fuck Himself

Trump's most recently maligned cabinet member gets a 'Last Week Tonight' sendup.
Jason Koebler