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Science Fiction

Watch These Robots Work Themselves to Death in This Sci-Fi Short

'Vicious Cycle' is a look at mindless work and automation.
Caroline Haskins

The Fate of 'America's First River' Is the Focus of New Film Series

The Hudson Valley, known as the birthplace of the American environmental movement, faces an uncertain future as the risk of irreparable damage is high.
Jon Bowermaster
short film

This Basquiat-Esque Animation Is About Coming to Terms with Fate

Ollie Magee's award-winning 'Fall' takes a primitivist approach to depicting everyday struggles.
Emerson Rosenthal

[Trailer] Unlikely Lovers Meet at a Music Festival in 'Robot & Scarecrow'

Director Kibwe Tavares and animation studio Factory Fifteen explore a modern fairytale set at a British music festival in their latest short film.
Kevin Holmes

The Lost 80s Feminist Animation You've Never Seen

In Thatcher-era Britain, Joanna Quin decided film needed more male strippers and female protagonists. The result was 'Girls Night Out.'
Josie Thaddeus-Johns

Mysterious Noir Vibes Infuse This Ghostly Animation

Distilled photographic compositions create a mysterious, enigmatic feel in Art&Graft​'s animated short. ​
Kevin Holmes
short films

[NSFW] 'Saw' Meets 'Slither' Meets 'Species' in This Experimental Short

‘Obliteration of Reality’ uses the symbol of the butterfly—along with plastic wrap and white goo, of course—to explore the idea of rebirth and the small matter of freedom from life’s struggles.
Kevin Holmes
space art

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Will Crash into Saturn in a Blaze of Glory

This stunning CGI short recounts its historic accomplishments before unveiling its dramatic, planet-plunging finale.
Kevin Holmes
short films

Single-Shot Drone Short Film Is Black Mirror meets 'Death of a Salesman'

Paul Trillo's 'At The End of the Cul-De-Sac' exposes a neighborhood of shame using an eye in the sky.
Emerson Rosenthal

"Where Is God?" Asks a Poignant Animated Short Film

Shapely animations meet pencil-drawn illustrations in 'Wednesday with Goddard,' a new film from Nicolas Ménard.
Emerson Rosenthal
short films

It's Illegal to Be Perfect in This Perfectly Dystopian Short Film

In 'The Problemless Anonymous,' which takes influences from A Clockwork Orange and The Twilight Zone, people who fail to be imperfect have to undergo therapy to make sure they comply with an imperfect world.
Kevin Holmes
short films

The Everyday Perils of Womanhood Come Alive in a Harrowing Short Film

'HUSH' by Avery Wheless and Brandon Tyson is a short but powerful exploration of the complexities and contradictions of womanhood.
Andrew Nunes