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A 12-Year-Old Reportedly Killed Herself After Being Shamed For Getting Her Period

In India, a girl committed suicide after her teacher allegedly punished her for soiling her clothes with menstrual blood. Advocates explain why period stigma can be dangerous.


Russian Police Detain Feminist Summer Camp Guests Over 'Extremism' Concerns

Police in the southern region of Krasnodar detained 11 women's rights activists who just wanted to hang out in an environment free of "sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any sort of xenophobia."


Doctor Must Pay $18K After Photos of Patient's Breasts Were Leaked Online

When Mandi Stillwell gave her surgeon permission to use her anonymous photos in promotional materials for his clinic, she never dreamed she'd be identified online. When she was, she took him to court.


Cafe Charges Male Customers 18 Percent 'Man Tax'

In Australia, a café is charging male customers more to raise awareness of the gender wage gap. But are such measures useful—or even legal?


Nice: 69 Percent of Teen Girls Identify as Feminist

According to new research from UM London, the majority of British girls between the ages of 13 and 18 now describe themselves as feminist.


Teen Girl Stopped Car For Help After Rape—And Then Its Driver Raped Her Too

Police in Birmingham, UK have just charged one man in connection with the horrific double attack on a 14-year-old girl.


Elderly Woman Who Tried To Save Man’s Life Convicted Of Running a Brothel

After one man collapsed at a brothel in England, a 70-year-old cleaner performed CPR and called for help. She was rewarded with a criminal record.


A State Health Board Is Finally Cracking Down On Fake Abortion Clinics

Lawmakers in King County, Washington just ruled that crisis pregnancy centers must inform women that they are not legitimate health care providers.


What Happens When You Run Away to Join ISIS, Then Want to Come Home

After fleeing to join ISIS in 2016, 16-year-old German Linda Wenzel has been found in Mosul with a baby boy. She says she wants to leave ISIS and come home. But what will happen to her now?


A 10-Year-Old Rape Victim was Denied an Abortion in India

The girl became pregnant after her uncle allegedly raped her on multiple occasions.


Judge Grants Divorce to Woman Because Her Husband Left Her Messages On Read

According to one Taiwanese court, "A normal couple shouldn't treat each other like that."


Advocates Rally Around Afghan Girls' Robotics Team Denied Travel Visas to US

An online petition calls on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to grant visas to six Afghan girls invited to compete in Washington, DC this month.