You Need to Watch 'Lodge 49,' the Weirdest Show on Television

We spoke to the series creator, Jim Gavin, ahead of its August 6 premiere on AMC—about his secret society of slackers, plumbing, debt, fraternal lodges, SoCal, and conspiracies.
Alex Norcia
City of the Seekers

The Man Who Got Shot in the Arm for Art Gets a Documentary

Instigator, daredevil, and provocateur Chris Burden is the subject of a new film by Timothy Marrinan and Richard Dewey.
Tanja M. Laden
City of the Seekers

[Exclusive] Vintage 1960s Ads from LA’s Forgotten Psychedelic Newspaper

J.J. Englender has been assembling an astounding archive of an underground LA newspaper.
Tanja M. Laden
City of the Seekers

Precious Metal Alchemy Transmutes an Art Space in LA

A century-old produce market is now home to Produce Haus, LA’s newest collaborative arts space.
Tanja M. Laden
City of the Seekers

Sincere, Ethereal Oil Paintings Prove "Kitsch" Isn't a Bad Thing at All

We talked to Welsh artist Richard J. Oliver about why a little kitsch can't hurt you.
Tanja M. Laden
City of the Seekers

[NSFW] An Interactive Flipbook Presents the Diversity of Trans Bodies

The Transfigure Project uses a playful format to highlight serious issues.
Tanja M. Laden

Learn the Secrets of the Mysterious Talking Board at the 'Ouija and Beyond' Art Exhibit | City of the Seekers

'The Mysterious Talking Board: Ouija and Beyond' exhibit takes San Francisco International Airport travelers into realms of the supernatural.
Tanja M. Laden

Quirky, Curious Sculptures Probe the Dark Side of American Culture | City of the Seekers

Miyoshi Barosh’s art cheekily critiques the values of modern society.
Tanja M. Laden

Mystical Amulets and Sea Caves Come Alive in 'Revenge of the Crystal' Group Show | City of the Seekers

Artworks that are literally off the walls challenge the nature of perception at Los Angeles gallery SADE.
Tanja M. Laden

Ancient Mystical Rituals Inspire an Intricate 'Cartoon Utopia' | City of the Seekers

Ron Regé, Jr. explores ancient secret teachings through drawing.
Tanja M. Laden

Reasons Why Everyone in San Francisco Hates LA

As someone who's lived in both cities, I can tell you that they both suck.
Jules Suzdaltsev

A Stripper's Review of Strips Clubs in America

After a year of stripping in Los Angeles, I wondered about other city's strip clubs, so I hit the road for a month-long tour of the finest and shittiest strip clubs in America.
Samantha Ireland