space food


This Startup Is Making Food Mostly Out of Air and Electricity

Solar Foods says its protein powder is “completely” disconnected from agriculture. But its currently low production yield of 1 kg per day raises red flags.


This Engineer Is Building a DIY Mars Habitat In His Backyard

How Jeff Raymond is pioneering sustainable agriculture for Earth and Mars.


Happy Space Thanksgiving: How the Food-Stuffed Holiday Went Orbital

“Just as on Earth, our feelings about Thanksgiving in space weren’t determined by the quality or the appearance of the meal—but by the people we shared it with.”


Pizza and Ice Cream Are Headed for the International Space Station

Sounds a lot better than your average space food.


Can We Thank John Glenn for Astronaut Ice Cream?

Not exactly, but astronaut food has certainly taken one giant leap since John Glenn first orbited the earth.


NASA Is Making ‘Sustainable’ Space Food for Deep Space Travel

How do you feed astronauts who are going to be propelled 40,000 miles beyond the moon?


Why Martian Settlers Will Eat Potatoes, Insects, Algae and Mushrooms

Watch an aerospace engineer give a Martian cooking class.


NASA’s 3D Food Printer Will Make Pizza at Amusement Parks

Astronauts were hoping for better space food, but budget cuts got in the way.


We'll 'Probably' Be Able to Eat Vegetables Grown in Martian Soil

One of the biggest obstacles to inhabiting Mars, aside from the 300 or days of travel and eating space food for that entire duration, will be figuring out what to eat once our needy, pesky species touches down on the planet.


How Space Technology Will Produce the Best Weed Ever

Canada's botanists are turning their attention to cannabis research.


Astronauts Are About to Eat the First Vegetables Grown in Space

Today, astronauts aboard the International Space Station will sample the first vegetable ever to have been grown in space: red romaine lettuce.


​How to Make Tacos in Space

Microgravity cooking lessons from astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.