Trans Comic Chanty Marostic's First Album Is Topping the iTunes Charts

The Just For Laughs headliner and SiriusXM top comic winner talks about becoming the first trans person to earn those titles.
Audrey Carleton
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Some Major Comedians Showed Up to Support Aziz Ansari's Comedy Cellar Set

He performed alongside Kevin Hart and Chris Rock at the same venue where Louis C.K. had his first show since admitting to sexual misconduct.
Drew Schwartz

Eleven Netflix Specials by Comics Who Didn't Make Women Watch Them Jack Off

You actually don't have to watch comedy performed by sexual harassers.
Nicole Clark

Comedians Tell Us the Most Epic Fails They've Seen at Open Mics

"Then she spread her legs and pulled her underwear to the side, showing everyone her vulva. To be honest, that was the best joke of the night."
Graham Isador

Next to Transitioning, Standup Comedy Is a Piece of Cake

Riley Silverman has spent the past fifteen years carving out a place in LA's comedy scene—and she did it while transitioning, to boot.
Sam Riedel

I Went to a Comedy Show at a Grief Retreat

Truly, it's cope camp, and it's both overwhelmingly positive and depressing.
Alex Norcia
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Chris Rock Is Going on His First Major Stand-Up Tour in Nine Years

"Haven't done it in a while. Been a little busy, you know, writing 'Pootie Tang 3' and everything. But hey, it's time."
Lauren Messman
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Jena Friedman's New Stand-Up Comedy Special Is Feminist Critique and Dick Jokes

Friedman's first one-woman show, 'American Cunt,' brings her sharp brand of dark feminist humor to streaming service Seeso.
VICE Staff
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​Comedians Tell Us About Their Worst Hecklers

Sometimes the show happens off-stage.
Tom Cowell

How Stand-Up Comedy Puts My Bipolar Brain at Ease

Stand-up is basically an acceptable form of public self-harm. As someone who thinks a lot about self harm, it's one place I feel accepted.
Patrick Marlborough

Shazia Mirza Is Taking on the Islamic State One Joke at a Time

We caught up with the outspoken comic, whose new show tackles the British teenage girls who fled to Syria to join ISIS.
Kat Lister

Jon Stewart Did a Surprise Stand-Up Set at the Comedy Cellar Last Night

The soon-to-be-departed "Daily Show" host performed a ten-minute set punctuated by personal anecdotes about working in a Mexican restaurant and being Jewish.
Brandt Hamilton