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Hot Takes

Stephen A. Smith is So Bummed with Kanye, He Can't Even Form a Hot Take

The ESPN anchor is locked and loaded with a hot take for just about anything. Maybe this is the only thing that could possibly leave him slack-jawed.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Lamar Odom Wants ESPN to Denounce Stephen A. Smith's "Crack" Comment

How can you go lower than taking a jab at Lamar Odom?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Cleveland and Oakland Wait in Horror for Stephen A. Smith's Finals Pick

Stephen A. Smith has picked the wrong team to win the NBA Finals six years in a row. Will it be seven?
Sean Newell

Floyd Mayweather Willing to Give Conor McGregor $15 Million to Fight

McGregor had previously demanded a $100 million purse to fight Mayweather.
Patrick Sauer

Stephen A. Smith Points Out NFL's Paid Patriotism Problem

NFL players only started appearing on field for the national anthem in 2009, which puts the whole Colin Kaepernick controversy in a new light.
Patrick Sauer

Stephen A. Smith Talks Tebow, Actually Makes Sense for Once

After Tim Tebow's baseball workout, Stephen A. Smith lost his mind and yet somehow managed to make sense.
Mike Vorkunov
Skip Bayless

Today is Skip Bayless's Last Day on "First Take," So Naturally They Debated Tim Tebow

Skip Bayless is going out clutching Tim Tebow.
Sean Newell

Stephen A Smith Pretty Much Tells Ayesha Curry That Wives Are Better Seen and Not Heard

In a sports world that is dominated by loud-mouthed male demagogues, it's probably best not to tell a woman to shut up and look pretty.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Stephen A. Smith

Cavs Dancers Steal the Show from Stephen A. Smith with Videobomb

These guys had almost as much fun dancing as the Cleveland Cavaliers did obliterating the Toronto Raptors.
Sean Newell
Stephen A. Smith

Here's Stephen A. Smith Playing a "Surveillance Expert" on a Soap Opera

Stephen A. Smith will be on general hospital playing a mobster's audio guy.
Sean Newell
golden state

Stephen A. Smith Rants About Mark Jackson, is Somehow More Stephen A. Smith Than Ever

The soundbar says it all.
Liam Daniel Pierce
weak in review

David Roth's Weak In Review: Staying Human In October

Amid all the overstatement and noise of the sports news cycle, it can be tough to remember that these games are played by real people. October always reminds us.
David Roth