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A Team of Volunteers Is Archiving SoundCloud in Case It Dies

Spurred by recent reports the German streaming music and audio company may be running out of cash, The Archive Team is racing to preserve sound files—at high cost.
Carl Franzen
Bad Blood

Did Taylor Swift Weaponize Streaming Music Against Katy Perry?

After years of holding out, the pop princess released her full catalog on Spotify—the same day her rival Katy Perry's new album debuted.
Carl Franzen
Louise Matsakis
Digital Afterlives

The MP3 Is Not Dead

Everyone keeps saying the MP3 is dead. It's not!
Jason Koebler

Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music now dominate music sales and no one is happy about it

Noah Kulwin
Streaming Music

Why Sprint Buying a Chunk of Tidal Scares Net Neutrality Advocates

The specter of zero-rating looms over Sprint now owning one-third of Jay-Z's streaming music service.
Chris Brantner

Why Some Spotify Users Weren’t Impressed With This Year’s Year-End Stats

The lack of a dedicated website disappointed some users this year.
David Bixenspan
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Pandora is getting into the terrible business of competing with Spotify

Noah Kulwin
Music Admin: We’re Sad to Say the Site Is Not Coming Back

Former members of the private, BitTorrent music community shouldn’t expect an encore performance.
Nicholas Deleon

Everybody started streaming Willy Wonka music after Gene Wilder's death

Streams of "Pure Imagination," a song Wilder sang in the 1971 movie "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," shot up after his death — an effect often seen after musicians die.
Bijan Stephen
Motherboard Blog

Soundcloud Has Just Entered the Paid Streaming Music Business

SoundCloud Go enters a crowded field against competitors like Spotify and Apple Music.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

Music Geeks Are Retrofitting Old iPods to Keep the Perfect MP3 Player Alive

Upgrading an old iPod’s battery and storage drive makes it a potent companion, even in the age of Spotify.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

Here’s What Happens Now When You Push The Radio Button On The Roku Remote

The streaming music service is no more, but its dedicated hardware button lives on.
Nicholas Deleon